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December was a busy and fun month for all of us. At Oakley Elementary they always have a Christmas program, all of the grades participate. At the end Santa comes and gives out a white sack with an orange and a few candies to each child. The pictures that I took didn't turn out well since I didn't turn the flash on but I had to add one of Spencer because he looked so cute in his suit with sunglasses and and a santa hat :)

Here is a picture of the whole school singing Here comes Santa Claus just before he enters.

School got out on the 18th of December leaving us the rest of the month to play and celebrate. On the 19th Hailey had a dance recital. She dances ballet and is working on becoming graceful. She is doing really well.

This year I was feeling a bit ambitious and decided to sew 3 pairs of pj's for each kid. Next year I'll probably only make one pair per kid. I ended up staying up until midnight on the 19th so I could finish up...and I did. We were leaving for…