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Birthday's, Broken Arms & Windows and Parasites

On June 23 my Spencer turned 12! He is turning into such a nice young man. I love him so much. He is my best helper around the house. On his birthday he had a party and invited a few friends over. He wanted a sleepover but the next day was a scout backpacking hike and they had to be the the church at 6AM so I told him no to a sleepover. When he was gone I really missed him. On Sunday Spencer received the Priesthood. Next Sunday he will be passing the Sacrament. He is so grown up now.
We let him light his own candles. He put all 12 together to make a big flame.

On Spencer's birthday Ethan went outside and drank some water leaking from a cement pipe by our house. He came into the house and told me how good the water tasted. I asked him what water he was drinking and he told me. I told him not to drink the water because it was canal water and he could get a parasite. I should add here that he is paranoid about getting a parasite from watching Monsters Inside me from the An…

4 wheeler accident

The month since school has been out has flown by! My house has been a lot cleaner since my have been home to clean it. I have been going through a lot more laundry though. The kids go outside and play in water and then think it is time to come in and get fresh clothes on. I made a new rule that unless I approve they can't change their clothes.

A couple of days ago Spencer and Austin came home from riding their 4 wheeler's. I saw them pull into the yard and wondered why Austin was using his 4 wheeler to push Spencer's. As they came into the house Austin came into the kitchen and warned me that Spencer had an accident on his 4 wheeler. When Spencer came into the kitchen I could see that he had a bloody nose and scraped up his face. He also hurt his neck and shoulder. I decided that I should probably take him to the Emergency room to be checked out. After about 4 hours of waiting they said one spot on his neck looked questionable but it probably wasn'…