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It seems as though most of my boys have some kind of fascination with fire. I am a city girl and although I know how to start a camp fire I wouldn't consider myself any kind of pro at it. When we first moved to Idaho we would burn our trash. In my entire life the closest thing to burning trash that I have ever done was throw my paper plates in the camp fire, and maybe an occasional plastic fork. Tyler told me that to get the garbage really burning you need to put a bit of gasoline onto it. He did caution me to put the gasoline on before I start the fire. Well our trash was pilling up and I decided to take the initiative to get it burning. I poured a little bit of gasoline on and started it. The trash wasn't burning as well as I thought it should so I decided to pour just a little bit more on. The flames were small so I didn't think anything would happen. Also, I should mention that I was pregnant with Ethan at this time and had Spencer, Austin, and Hailey standin…