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One Crazy Life

So much has happened in our lives since the last time I blogged, I hope that I can remember it all! In May we put our trampoline into the ground thinking it would be safer that way. The problem with having it in the ground is that Max was able to just walk right on to it. I warned all of the kids that they needed to be careful and not jump when he was on the trampoline. Well one Sunday evening Hailey took Max outside and while they were playing she decided that she could give Max just a little bounce. He cried and she brought him to me. I knew his leg was broken. He wouldn't stand or crawl he would just sit next to me and cry. The emergency room in Burley is useless when you go there with a broken bone so I just waited to take him to the orthopedic doctor on Monday. At the doctors office the next day the X-Ray tec said that sometimes they can't see the break for a couple of weeks but they took X-rays anyway and you could see immediately that both bones in his leg were…