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Last week was the week where they teach the kids to stay drug free. Each day they dress up or do something crazy. I had to take their pictures for crazy hair day. They think it is so fun. If you are wondering, Spencer made himself a "wig" out of paper.

Last weekend my parents and Aunt Les came to visit. It was so fun to have them here. My parents didn't get to stay very long, but Les came to the school carnival and helped me with the kids. While we were there Austin fell and hit his head on some steps in the gym. I felt quite concerned for him because I had never seen a goose egg so big on someones head. I'm so thankful that he is okay. He has two black eyes now and a large lump on his forehead, but I know it could have been a lot worse. Aunt Les brings up Haunted houses for the kids to decorate each Halloween time, they all think it is so fun.

On Monday for family night we did our annual pumpkin carving before Halloween. This year it was kind of nice becau…

Ethan is 4

Today is Ethan's Birthday! It seems like it was just yesterday that I had him. He is so grown up now. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said a combine and that is all that he wanted.

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment for Austin. After the appointment we went to the store to pick up his prescription. He brought money from his allowance to buy Ethan a present. When Spencer and Hailey got home from school they also wanted to give Ethan a present. I wasn't planning to go back to the store so they both went into their rooms and found things to give him. Spencer gave Ethan a sea shell a rock and a pedometer (if you know Spencer rocks are truly a treasure to him so it is really a thoughtful gift). Haily gave Ethan a toy gun that is pink. It was a toy she picked while we were on vacation to Yellowstone. I felt happy that my kids are so nice to each other.

While we were at the pharmacy Ethan sat next to a little old lady and said loudly "hi, I'm …