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Broken Arms and Birthdays!

On Wednesday Spencer turned 11! He is such a sweet and considerate boy and I love him so much. I love how thoughtful he is. When he knows that I don't feel well or I am tired he will tell me to sit down and he'll help me with whatever cleaning I need to do. He loves to help me prepare dinner and always gives me good suggestions for meals.

We decided to invite Grandma and Grandpa Hepworth over for cake and ice cream in the afternoon since Spencer had scouts that night. They came over after lunch and we sang to Spencer and he blew out his candles.

Brig was standing next to me on a bar stool as I began to dish up the cake to pass out. Grandma was helping with the ice cream. I just got the birthday boy his piece of cake and was going to get one for Brig. As I turned to hand it to him the bar stool slid and he fell off. I tried to catch him but I wasn't quick enough. When I picked him up he was holding his arm and I looked at it. I could see that it was broken. He s…


As I've struggled with the sad feeling I've felt with Dave passing on, I have realized a few things. Last night as I thought of my sweet nieces and nephew I felt so sad for them. Fathers day is in a couple of days and I know they will be missing their dad. I think when someone looses their life at a younger age we tend to say things like "I guess the Lord must have needed them for something on the other side." There have been a few times that I have thought about my brother dying of his addiction. As I worried about him I have struggled to find comfort in the thought of someone dying as a result of their addiction. I felt like you couldn't really say that the Lord needed them because the addiction was the cause. As I mentioned this to my sister Leslie today on the phone she helped me to see something more spiritual. Maybe the Lord realized how much Dave was suffering and decided it was enough. I know that the Lord is merciful to us. In John 11:35 it Say…

Goodbye to Dave and Welcome Summer

Yesterday as I was running on my treadmill I heard the phone ring. I don't usually get off to answer it but I was feeling kind of tired. I headed upstairs and Spencer handed me the phone. It was my mom, she sounded like she had a cold or something was wrong. I asked her if she had a cold and she said "no, I just called to let you know that Dave was found dead this morning." Dave was my sister Carrie's first husband, and the father of Heidi, Erin, Josh, and Emily(my nieces, and nephew). I feel so sad for them. I really think that Dave realized his life wasn't a happy one but didn't know how to change it and so he drank it away. I remember a lot of funny things about Dave when he and Carrie were first married. I didn't know Dave as an alcoholic so all I have are the memories of how he was. I pray for his family to find comfort and I'm glad that they have Aldo in their lives.

The last month of school just seemed to fly by! Spencer was given an…