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Trouble Briggy

Brig is such an active and adventurous boy! He is getting to where he thinks he is big already. A few weeks ago he burned his arm on our friends wood stove. It looked bad to, but it wasn't as bad as Hailey's fingers when she got them caught in my treadmill. It doesn't look great though. Yesterday as he was trying to climb onto the table the chair he was on tipped over and he face planted on the floor. My poor Brig! I knew it looked bad because blood was dripping on the floor before I picked him up. He split his lip on the inside and had a bloody nose. Poor little guy. I wish I could prevent him from climbing. I had all of the chairs pushed in so that he couldn't get on the table but that was the reason the chair tipped over. This is definitely not my favorite age.
Here is a pic of my little Brig so proud of himself!

Pics of our new dog

This is her favorite spot. She sits on our front porch, I like to think she is guarding us :) When we pull into the garage she comes into greet us so this is the next pic. She was so good I told her to sit and she did.

Our new girl

My wife is going to follow up with some pictures, but I wanted to write about the newest member of our family. We found a beautiful long haired German Shepard in Utah. Her name is Lia. She loves it at our house and has quickly attached herself to me.

I am currently working in the shop on our farm equipment. I use a lot of tools that make loud noises. Jasper hated this and would not come in the shop with me, but Lia loves it. She spends all day at my side - never any farther than five feet away. Wherever I am, she wants to be. It is nice to have a new companion that loves to be around. I keep a toy handy that I can throw for her to chase and play with.

When we got her, she had a bad sinus infection. Her breathing was a harsh snort and I felt worried about her for the first couple of days, but she has always had plenty of energy and now appears to be starting to feel better. I have kept her on some medication to help clear it up. She still snorts but it doesn't sound as h…