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And then he was Ten

It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with Spencer (although I know with 5 kids I realize it wasn't). I can't believe how fast time has been going by. I really need to appreciate the time I have because it goes by so fast!

When I was in labor with Spencer it was a LONG 3 days! I was so happy when he finally came. I tell everyone he was 9lbs but on his birth certificate it says 8 lbs 15.5 oz. I consider that Spencer was a sweet baby. He cried in the beginning a lot but I think that is because I thought if I made him stay awake for the whole day he would sleep all night. He didn't sleep all night and it made him super fussy to try and keep him awake. Don't worry it only took me a few weeks to figure it out.

When Spencer was a little boy (he still is a little boy to me btw) he would put various objects behind the back tire of the van. He wanted to see what they looked like on the inside. Fortunately now he has moved on to rocks! He collects them. …