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Marchant Muddies and more!

This past weekend I went down to Utah to run the dirty dash with my mom, Leslie, Bridget, and Christine's husband Dan. I was a little bit apprehensive to run since I know it is harder to run in mud. I knew it wouldn't be a PR or anything but I decided to run just for the fun of it. The run had a series of obstacles along the way as well as a bunch of different mud pits. One of the obstacles was really big hay bales that you would have to jump over......well let me tell you being almost 19 weeks pregnant messes with my coordination I had to go around the hay bales. The next obstacle was walls that you would have to climb over. I had a terrible time hoisting myself over the first one and went around the One really fun obstacle towards the end is a giant slip and slide. I didn't really want to slide on my stomach so I slid on my butt but I didn't go very far. I then had to run part of the way down the slip and slide until I got where it was slippery a…

Playing Catch up!

In July we went to a place called Warm Springs Resort with my family. Tyler was unable to come but we all had such a fun time with my family. I wish I lived close enough to visit them more often. Here is a picture of Brig at the cabin. I can't remember if this was his first or second cast :)

At the Warm Springs Resort they had paddle boats and kayaks that we could use at the pond. I was amazed that Hailey was able to climb in one and travel all over. She just seemed so natural.

In August Spencer received his Arrow of Light from scouts. I was proud of him and YES I definitely earned the pin too!

This is just before he goes under the bridge of neckerchiefs.

Another thing that happened in August was a double rainbow! We thought it was so amazing. The kids really thought it was neat.

The end of August was also the beginning of school. I actually kind of miss my Now I don't have my kids to boss around to help with the housework. This year they actually were h…