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Joy Baths

Ethan is such a sweet and unique boy. He is so fun. Most of his baths are "hurry up and get clean so I can go to church baths" or "I peed my pants and I need to get clean baths." You get the idea. Well a few minutes ago he was outside and Austin splashed muddy water all over him. He came in sad. He even had mud in his ear. I filled the tub with some warm water and put him in. He looked up at me with his sweet little face and said "Is this a joy bath?" I said "yes, this can be a joy bath." He was so excited to have a joy bath.

He loves this hat that he is wearing in this picture. He wears it all of the time and thinks he is a He has such a fun personality.

Spencer, Austin, and Hailey all have 4h projects submitted to the fair this year. I am excited for them to go and see how their things do. I took pictures of Spencer and Austin for their record books. Here they are with the pillow cases they sewed. I didn't get a…

Coming to terms.....

I love having 5 children. They are the joy of my life. I love every single one of them and wouldn't change who they are, but one struggle I've had is that I desperately wish that my little Hailey could have a sister. I grew up in a girl family where I had one brother and six sisters. I am close to my sisters and I talk to a couple of them every day. They are my best friends and we support one another through our ups and downs. More than anything I wish Hailey could have a sister because I love having sisters so much....don't get me wrong I love my boys and wouldn't give them up or trade them for a girl any day, I just want Hailey to have a sister to feel close to like I have.

Maybe I'm a little selfish and I should just be grateful for the wonderful and healthy kids that I have....and believe me I do feel thankful for that. Maybe a sister was just too much to ask for.

I have spent many fast Sundays fasting for myself to come to terms with the fact that Hailey …