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It has been quite awhile since I wrote about life. In October Ethan turned 6! I can't believe how old he is getting to be. He is such a funny, sweet, happy little boy. When life is crazy at home I look at him and he will be sitting at the table coloring and whistling. I am so thankful that he is a part of our family. We had a birthday party for him before kindergarten. I had planned for a structured party like I always do but I felt much more relaxed this time and let the kids play around a little more.

Recently it has come to my attention that Ethan has something wrong. I have had the feeling for awhile. I have tried to pinpoint what is going on and I have taken him for tests. So far all of the blood tests have come back normal, however I can see that there is something going on so I am just hoping that it isn't something to life altering. In May we go to Primary Children's to meet with a Neuromuscluar Doctor. I keep hoping that one day Ethan will wake up and…

Hepworth Christmas letter

Dear Family and Friends,

Another year has flown by for us! Our lives seem to always be a little bit crazy, but we are truly blessed by our Father in Heaven, and we are so thankful for his hand in our lives. We hope that this letter finds you healthy and happy this Christmas season.

Tyler has had a miraculous recovery from his broken back! Other than being a little bit more worn out from working hard (I tell him that he is just becoming an old, we haven't noticed anything from his injury that hasn't healed. Tyler is still a hobby programer and is always studying something on his computer. He is also really great at building things for the shop. This year we also built a new shop building. While building the shop, I saw Tyler standing on the backhoe scoop and adjusting the shop doors. As I looked at him way up high, I felt so thankful that he is still with me on this earth and that he is able to do all of the things that he used to do.

I have been busy this year.…