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The Tazmanian Devil aka Brig and Sweet baby Max

Yesterday was a rough day for Brigham. He is a sweet boy and a lot of fun, but he has reached a challenging and stubborn phase that is really difficult for me. So yesterday all within an hour Brig squeezed Dawn dish soap all over the carpet. My sweet Spencer was so nice to help me clean up the kitchen where soap had spilled. While I was shampooing the carpet he went into the storage room and knocked a jar of pickled beets off the storage room shelf. While I was carpet shampooing the pickled beets up he peed on the floor. Then he decided to help himself to the bottle of benadryl. Fortunately Spencer busted him and stopped him before he drank too much. I did have to call poison control though. They told me it would either make him sleepy or wired. I told them I'd pray for sleepy. It did end up making him sleep...lucky me. Today hasn't been as bad but he did get into the shampoo and he rubbed it all over Tyler's massage chair. He also tried to flush Ethan's sh…

Appendicitis, Birthdays, and kindness from a stranger

On the 26th of February Spencer woke up with a lot of stomach pain. I figured he probably had the flu. He puked a couple of times and I had to leave to go help clean the church. I gave him some Tylenol and hoped that he would feel better when I got home. As it got later in the day his pain got worse and I became concerned about him. I had the thought pop into my head that he needed his appendix out. I told Tyler and he said that he would take him to the emergency room. At this point our baby was only a week old and I didn't want to expose him to a germ infested emergency room. Spencer was in so much pain I put his socks and shoes on for him and Tyler carried him out to the car. They got to the ER a little after 5pm and they saw that it was appendicitis and had him back for surgery by 7:15. I know that the lord blessed me to know what was wrong with Spencer. I am so thankful that I told Tyler to take him in. His appendix was close to rupturing and he had fluid in his pe…