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Halloween was fun this year. This is the first time that I haven't been a room mother to help with the Halloween parties. I kind of missed it but even more than missing the party I missed my family. I called to visit with my mom and most of my sisters and their children were over visiting. I wished that I could visit too.

On Monday we did our annual pumpkin carving for family night. I put it off as long as I could because I hate the mess so bad.

Here is a pic of my sweet Brig he is such a sweet baby.

Here is Ethan the Elmo. He didn't want his picture

Here is Hailey the Unicorn.

Here is Austin the baby. He really loved dressing up as a baby. He crawled all around the Gym. He would have crawled trick or treating but I wouldn't let him.

Here is Spencer he is dressed as Johnny Test. I told him not very many people would know who he is but he didn't care.

Here is my last pic of all of the kids together. I should have turned the flash off I know the glare i…
On the 13th of October my little Ethan turned 3! I can't believe he is 3 already. It seems like yesterday he was my baby.

Ethan is sure a fun boy. I couldn't have imagined a more fun 2 year old.

Another milestone in our lives has happened. Brig has stated walking :( He started walking right around the time he turned 9 months old. I wish he would have waited a little bit longer.

I had a really hard time trying to get this picture. I would stand him up to take the pic and he would walk over to me before I could take the pic.

Here is a pic of my sweet Brig after I took the pic and he came over to me.
Things have been really busy lately. I have a lot of things that I keep meaning to add to my journal but more time keeps going by.

Here are some updated house pics. The exterior is mostly done. WE still have to paint the doors and get garage doors.

Here is the front

Here is the back

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a treadmill from Costco. It is just sitting in the garage waiting to be put together. I am waiting for carpet before WE get it put together, but I have to finish painting before we can do the carpet.

The wall between the addition and our house is open now so we have so much more space now. It is exciting to see things really coming together.