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Potty Stories

When potty training little boys I find it easiest to teach them to pee sitting down. It works pretty well at home, but I think every single one of my boys has at one point forgotten to aim down. I can recall twice having my nylons being peed on in the church Oh....the joys of motherhood! Last year we discovered that Ethan had an inguinal hernia. Because of his age and other health issues, I had to take him to see a pediatric general surgeon. We set up and appointment for Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake since the Neurologist that he sees is there as well. On the way down for the appointment I discovered that Ethan didn't have any shoes....he had left them home. I had all of the kids with me because Tyler was busy with farming. I decided that once we got to Ogden we would stop at Smith and Edwards and see what they had for shoes. We stopped and I bought him a pair of sandals that I thought would stay on his feet(They didn't of course). Shortly …

Maui, and Brig's birthday

In January some fun things happened at our house. First on the Eight Brigham turned 6! He is such a sweet & stubborn little boy. He really tries hard to do what is right. During November we went to the bowling alley for some family fun. Austin, my stubborn and kind of naughty son, decided to head over to the area where they serve food and swipe a bunch of sweet-n-low and sugar packets. We didn't know about this but Brigham saw him. He came over and told me that he saw Austin steal something and he also told the guy at the bowling alley. I made Austin put them back and we had a stealing chat. I felt so proud that Brigham would stand up for what is right. On the 14th of January Tyler and I went to Maui, Hawaii without our children for a short vacation! It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the peace and break from the chaos of home. His dad and Jodi came to our house and watched our kids. I felt so thankful that they would be willing to help us. I knew the kids would b…