Friday, October 5, 2012

One Crazy Life

So much has happened in our lives since the last time I blogged, I hope that I can remember it all! In May we put our trampoline into the ground thinking it would be safer that way. The problem with having it in the ground is that Max was able to just walk right on to it. I warned all of the kids that they needed to be careful and not jump when he was on the trampoline. Well one Sunday evening Hailey took Max outside and while they were playing she decided that she could give Max just a little bounce. He cried and she brought him to me. I knew his leg was broken. He wouldn't stand or crawl he would just sit next to me and cry. The emergency room in Burley is useless when you go there with a broken bone so I just waited to take him to the orthopedic doctor on Monday. At the doctors office the next day the X-Ray tec said that sometimes they can't see the break for a couple of weeks but they took X-rays anyway and you could see immediately that both bones in his leg were broken just below his knee. She couldn't tell me his bones were broken but she did say "I think you'll be glad that you brought him in." They were broken near the growth plate and we have to go back in to make sure that his leg is growing right next month. Max was also mauled a bit by our St. Bernard dog named Fluffy. I was so worried that his arm was broken, but fortunately for us he was okay. Just a few weeks ago Austin was carrying Max on his shoulders and he fell off and landed on the kitchen floor which is linoleum on top of cement. Max was knocked out and when I went into the kitchen to see if he was okay his little eyes had rolled back into his head and I thought that he was dying in my arms. I drove him to the emergency room because we live far enough away from town that it would take a lot longer to call for an ambulance and wait then just run him in. Shortly after I arrived at the emergency room Max perked up and acted just fine. I am so thankful for my sweet little Max. He is such a fun little guy to be around. Max has started to become a daddy's boy. He cries when Tyler leaves and doesn't take him. Photobucket Brigham has become a really fun little boy to be around! He still has his stubborn streak but he is also quite lovable. He loves books all day long he follows me around asking me to read to him! One of his most Favorite things to do is play computer. I now tell him that if he wants to play computer he has to go to his primary class on Sunday. Brigham is very tender and kind to Max. A couple of days ago a package came in the mail for him and Max was jealous and he shared his hot wheels car with Max. Brigham is probably the biggest Mama's boy that I've had. He loves to be with me. Ethan has had more than his share of health problems this year. The muscle biopsy that he had done in April came back normal....which is good and bad. Good that the muscle that he has is normal and bad because I just don't know what is wrong. In June he had an EMG done. This is kind of like shocking your nerves to see which ones are misfiring. There were some irregular patterns but nothing that could be pinpointed yet. We could test him for SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) but genetic testing is expensive and as far as I know not covered much by insurance. The Neurologist has applied for a grant to cover broad spectrum genetic testing and if the funding is approved then Ethan will be a candidate for it. In August Ethan kept complaining about a pain in his abdomen. I felt concerned that he may have appendicitis. I also noticed that he had a hernia in his abdomen when I was looking at his stomach. I made an appointment with our local general surgeon to fix the hernia. The local surgeon call me and said that he doesn't usually operate on children as young as Ethan and recommended that we go to a pediatric surgeon. I made an appointment for Primary Childrens Medical Center since we were already going down for the neurologist. On September 10th Ethan had an inguinal hernia fixed on the right side of his abdomen. About a week later I noticed that the testicle on that side is now missing. We had to take him back to the doctor and he said that he will have to have surgery in about 2 months to put the testicle back...if the blood supply to the testicle hasn't been compromised. In about 1% of hernia repair surgeries the testicle gets caught in scar tissue as the incision heals. We think this is what happened to Ethan. I feel so bad for my little boy. The older he gets the more obvious it becomes that his body doesn't work like the rest of us. Most of the time I feel at peace with things, but I do have my moments when I cry. I have a lot more to update about our crazy life but it will have to wait until later :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Parenting and Puzzles

A couple of weeks ago as I was tucking Ethan and Brigham into bed Ethan felt his blankets and said "My blankets have pee on them." I said it is probably just water because I just washed your blankets, and he said "no, it is pee I can tell." So I asked Brigham "Did you pee on Ethan's bed?" He said "Yeah I did, because I don't want him to sleep in mine room." I stood there for a moment feeling quite angry and trying to decide what the best course of action would be. I thought that spanking and time out weren't the best option and since I already had Ethan's blankets to wash what is one more batch. I said "Ethan, hop up on Brighams bed and pee on it." He gave me a look like I was crazy and said "what?" I said "you heard me, hop up there and pee on Brigham's bed." He said "Okay" hopped up and peed on it. Brigham cried his eyes out and screamed his head off. If we had neighbors they certainly would have thought he was being beaten. He was so upset that I think he bawled off and on for about an hour. I gathered up both sets of wet blankets and started the wash. Don't worry both beds have mattress pads on them so it didn't sink into the mattress. I think Brigham got the message, and I'm sure I lost the award for Mother of the Year a long time ago :D It is funny because the older I get it seems the less I care about other people's opinions on what I should be doing with my kids and I do just what I think is best, and I don't really care if other people think I'm wrong. Last week we received the results of Ethan's muscle biopsy. They said everything looked normal so they are scheduling an EMG to see if they can find which nerves aren't working right. I felt discouraged that there was no answer to the puzzle yet. I guess this is just another lesson in patience. I am thinking of taking him to see an endocrinologist and maybe a urologist to see if we can get some answers from them. Brigham has been a bit of a challenge for me lately. Last week he got into the baby powder and pretty much used it all up in my bathroom. Hailey said "I'll help you clean it up." Her definition of cleaning it up was to brush all of the powder that was coating the bathroom counter into her hand and coating her face with it. I sent her out of the bathroom which also made a barefoot trail of baby powder across the carpet. Brigham also cut his hair, so I shaved his head bald. I think he looks cute with his bald head, but I hope that he doesn't cut his hair again. Spencer and Austin seem to trade off weeks as far as being the challenging child for the week. Spencer is getting to be a teenager and loves to argue and debate about everything. A couple of weeks ago we got a new puppy. Mainly it is Hailey's dog, but it is for our whole family. It is a St. Bernard and is such a cute mellow puppy. I let her choose a name for her and she chose Fluffy is going to be a huge dog, and she has really cute long fur. We still have the other little puppy that was one of the puppies that a mama dog had that was dropped off. We consider it Ethan's puppy and he named her Leah. Leah seems to have one paw that is deformed but she is a cute little dog. It is cute to see Ethan with her because they both kind of have a funny way of walking. I love my little Ethan so much and just wish I could find the answer to what is wrong with him. Most of the time he has such a sweet charming personality that I love so much. Last night for family night we watched a movie on Mormon Messages called "God will Lift us up." here is the link if you want to watch it After the movie Ethan talked about he knew how she felt. I was glad that I let the kids watch that message because I had already shown the one that I planned for family night and maybe Ethan and I both needed to hear that one. Yesterday I was trying so hard to be organized and get things done and I had dinner made before Taekwondo and the laundry was done and the general pick up of the house was complete. I left dinner in the oven when we left for Taekwondo thinking that it would just keep it warm for when we got back. Well I thought I had turned the oven off but I hadn't and so when I got back dinner was burnt to a crisp........literally black. I hurried and whipped up some pancakes. Before Taekwondo I had just gotten out of the shower and was combing my hair and I kept finding this hard chunk of something stuck in the back of my hair. It felt like a chunk of plastic, I couldn't get it to come out so I had to cut it out. The house just seems like I can't keep up on it and that is quite discouraging to me. However I came across this poem the other day and I think I should make it poster size and hang it up so that people can see it when they come into my house :) Well I was going to share it but I can't find it. IF you do please let me know the title. It is a poem by Carol Lynn Pearson about cleaning and finding dust behind her washing machine and what is really important.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Unknown and more

Just before spring Break I got a call from the pediatric neurologist's office and they had an opening. They were able to see us on the 24th of March! I was so thrilled that we were able to make it. I thought the weakness in Ethan was maybe his feet or calves, but the doctor said that it is in his hips, and pelvis. Which makes sense and is why he has a hard time holding it when he needs to pee and at night he has to wear a pull up. They already had our doctor do a CK test and it came back normal, if it had been elevated he said that he would bet it to be Duchenne muscular dystrophy, but since the CK came back normal he isn't sure. On the 11th of April he had to have a muscle biopsy. I had to wait until the day before to hear what time we needed to be to PCMC. It made me crazy to wait so that I could plan when I would leave. We had to be there at 6:45 AM so I decided to drive down to Utah the night before. I was hoping to leave around 8 PM but I had to pick Spencer up from a track meet and by the time I was ready to go it was 9 PM. I think I had only gone about 10 miles and my check left rear tire pressure light came on. I pressed the button to see what the pressure was at and it was at 8. I knew I would need to get the tire fixed but I figured if I could make it to farmers corner I would be able to put some air in my tire and hurry home to switch cars. It took me a little while to find where the air was at. A couple of guys were jogging by while I was looking and I asked them for help (I figured I was safe since they were runners). It was a dad and his son. He said sure they would help me and when he turned around I saw that the back of his sweat shirt said Hepworth. I said "hey, is Hepworth your last name?" He said "Yeah, it is why?" And I said "That is my last name too." He knew Tyler because he is a physical therapist in Burley and Tyler had to see him after he cut his hand with a grinder a few years ago. I asked if he knew about when Tyler broke his back and he said he had heard, and then he told me of a miracle that happened in his family with his son who was there helping change the tire. I was so thankful for them and the help they were to me. I didn't end up leaving Burley until 10:30, which put me at my parents house about 1:45 AM. I was quite tired but sometimes when you are the mom you just have to keep on going. I got up at 6 and left Max and Brigham at my parents house. My sister Christine was going to come and pick them up after she dropped her kids off at school. I was so thankful to her and my parents helping me. At the hospital I could tell that Ethan was nervous. I asked him if he was nervous and he said "yes." I let him sit on my lap. They gave him a sedative before taking him back for surgery so that he would be relaxed. When he came out of surgery I took a little video with my phone and I said "Ethan, say something funny." Ethan responded "Is this real life" (This is from the David at the Dentist youtube video). He then said something about adding toothpaste to his mouth for a car wash. He is such a fun little boy. I asked him to smile so that I could text a picture to dad and this is what I got. Photobucket The cut looked longer than I thought it would and also they took two samples of muscle and I thought they were only going to take one. I hope we can get the results faster since they took two. They told me the results could take up to 4 weeks, so I still get to play the waiting game. Photobucket Photobucket In March Hailey turned 9 years old! I can't believe that my sweet girl is getting so grown up. She is Max's favorite next to me. If I can't help Max with something he will go to her. I am so thankful to have such a sweet caring girl. Hailey loves to read and quite often I have to make her turn her light out and go to bed. One night I woke up to her reading and it was 2 AM. I told her to go to bed, but she begged me to let her finish her book since she only had 2 pages left. I'm sure she was pretty worn out at school that day. Here is a picture of my sweet girl on her birthday. Photobucket For a long time now I have put off cutting Max's hair. I love his little curls an I knew they wouldn't be there after I cut his hair. I had his one year old pictures done in March, and told myself that I would cut his hair after that....but I just kept putting it off. Back when I worked at Kids Cuts I used to think the moms that were attached to their kids hair were so strange, and now I have become one of those Max is going to be my last baby and I just wanted him to look like a baby a bit longer, but finally I got tired of the matted rats nest that would happen when he was sleeping. I cut the curly locks off and I have them saved in a ziplock. I might just let it grow out a little bit again to see if they come back. Here is one of his one year old pictures, I added the text and had it printed. I have been adding text to each of my kids pictures with a message that I feel they need to know. Photobucket Here are the after haircut pics Photobucket Photobucket Max is such a sweet mellow baby, and I am so glad to have him as part of our family.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life in a nutshell

On the 12th of February Tyler and I went on a cruise without kids. We did bring Max our baby though. He was such a sweet and fun baby and all of the people that work on the Cruise ship loved him. Especially the Maitre d', She was from Romania and every night would carry Max to our table. She said that she had to leave her daughter to work on the cruise ship when she was Max's age. While we were on the cruise Max turned 1!! I can't believe that a year has passed. He is such a sweet little guy.
While we were on the cruise Max had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin and was covered from head to toe in hives.
This picture was taken at the airport and every person that saw Max kept saying "what happened?" or "what is wrong with him?" Poor Max, I kept saying "Normally he is an adorable cute baby."
This was taken at the doctors office just before we left.
It really was divine inspiration that I brought Benadryl with me on the cruise ship. I know that it would have been life threatening if I hadn't had it with me. I knew what to do because Brigham had the same allergic reaction when he was around the same age as Max.

Poor Max is going to have tubes put into his ears next week. He has had fluid in them since September and infections off and on since then. I hope that after he has the tubes he will talk more. Right now he is on his third antibiotic since the last one didn't take care of it and the one before he was allergic to.

While we were gone Spencer had a fight at school. When we got home Spencer took me down into his room and told me about it and said the principal would be calling me. He was suspended last week for Tues, Wed, and Thurs. In September he was in a fight with a different kid, who had been picking on him. This time he was in a fight with that kid's friend. I wasn't thrilled about the know that I'm not a fan of fighting or violence, but I do support defending yourself when being picked on.

I don't know if I updated this before but I took Ethan to physical therapy and the physical therapist said "I can see that there is something wrong, but I don't know what is wrong and I can't help him." So I just have to be patient and wait.....Our appointment with the neuromuscular pediatrician isn't until May 18....that just seems so far away and google has an unlimited amount of information to look up. I do know that it isn't muscular dystrophy thought and I am so thankful for that.

In January we took the kids on a cruise for Christmas. It was so much fun! The kids said that it was the best vacation ever. Hailey asked if we could go on another for her Taking the kids on a cruise was fun and more relaxing than I thought it would be. Grandma Dalton, Marge, Marge's Brother Tom, His wife Jamie, and their kids Ian, Abby, Evan...and Aunt Les all came with us on our cruise! Here is a picture of Les and I with the kids just before we got on the cruise ship. I am sure that you can see the annoyed look on my face. I didn't want to stand and pose for a picture and I was annoyed that they were taking one.
Here is a pic of me with Max and Brigham. Brigham had gone to camp carnival and they painted his face while he was there. A little side note. The kids all had so much fun at camp carnival and circle C. It was built in entertainment for the kids while we were there.
We are so blessed. We do have our challenges but life is good :)

Here is a pic of Max and I on the cruise.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Little Ethan?......

Taking the kids on a cruise was one of the best vacations that we have had. It was very relaxing and the cruise ship has plenty of activities for the kids. While we were on the cruise Marge brought to my attention that there is something going on with Ethan. I am a big fan of taking the stairs on the cruise the elevators are slow and the stairs are good exercise. I have always noticed that Ethan walks and runs a little funny, but I just figured it would work itself out as he got older. He was the slowest at walking and has to plant both feet on every stair when walking up and down the stairs. I also know that he gets tired easily and if you ask him how he likes kindergarten he will say "I hate it because I can't get a drink when I am thirsty." I had his thyroid screened and they also checked for diabetes in December and both came back normal. When we got home from the cruise I took him into the doctor to ask about his walking and what might be going on. They did a CK test if it was high then there was a possibility of muscular dystrophy. The test came back
normal. We went and saw a physical therapist and made an appointment to see a neuromuscular pediatrician at Primary Childrens Hospital. The physical therapist told us that there wasn't anything he could do for Ethan. He could see that there was something wrong but just to go and see the Specialist. At physical therapy we could see that Ethan only walks on the heels of his feet and doesn't use his calf muscles. He is unable to stand on one leg and raise himself to the toes of his feet and can't hop or jump very well. I have googled every symptom that I can think of for my little boy and I come up with nothing. The doctor isn't able to get Ethan in until May 18th. At first I felt sorry for my little Ethan because right now it is apparent that he won't be walking or running like a normal person. Ethan has such a sweet personality, even when we are having a lot of tension or fighting in our home he walks around whistling or singing and he is so creative at coloring. He also makes up songs on the piano and can't wait until he is old enough to take lessons. I love my sweet little Ethan and so glad that he is a part of our family.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


In November we flew to Minnesota to spend Thanksgiving with Grandma Dalton and Marge. This was our kids first time on an airplane. I was quite stressed packing and getting us there but we made it without losing any kids along the way. I let the older kids use my camera while we were flying and I think they took about 50 pictures of the clouds and airplane wings :) Shawn and Lindsey were on the same flight out as us and it was fun for the kids to have cousins to play with. Brigham now says that Carson is his best friend.
Ethan was really cute. He wore the Indian hat that he made at school all through the airport. The people at the airport helped us a lot and were very family friendly.

Here is a picture of the back of Grandma Dalton & Marge's house.
The house is really neat and it had plenty of room for the kids to play. We took the kids to the park to play one day.
While we were there I was visiting with Marge and I asked her if she had ever had someone puke in her car, and she said "no, but I did have a crock pot spill once." On the way home from the park Shawn and Lindsey's little boy Carson puked in Marge's car. I felt really bad...I'm sure I somehow jinxed her. Grandma Dalton and Marge were so nice to us, and I know there were plenty of times that my own kids drove me nuts so I know they were really tolerant and patient with all of the extra noise.

We also went to church while we were there. It is actually a branch and it is in North Dakota. When we showed up for sacrament meeting I think we doubled the size of the meeting. Before our kids came there was only one girl in primary. It was fun to visit and I am sure we will visit again sometime.

The ride home was a bit more challenging. We had to fly to Salt Lake and then drive 3 hours to home. On the way we stopped at Smith & Edwards in Ogden to look around and break up the ride a bit. My second child was quite a challenge on the ride home. He still continues to be a challenge. I now know how my parents must have felt when I went through my rebellious streak. I love him so much but sometimes I just don't know what to do with him. I just want him to grow up to be a productive, kind boy who does what is right. I just pray that I am doing the right things for him.

Friday, January 27, 2012


It has been quite awhile since I wrote about life. In October Ethan turned 6! I can't believe how old he is getting to be. He is such a funny, sweet, happy little boy. When life is crazy at home I look at him and he will be sitting at the table coloring and whistling. I am so thankful that he is a part of our family. We had a birthday party for him before kindergarten. I had planned for a structured party like I always do but I felt much more relaxed this time and let the kids play around a little more.

Recently it has come to my attention that Ethan has something wrong. I have had the feeling for awhile. I have tried to pinpoint what is going on and I have taken him for tests. So far all of the blood tests have come back normal, however I can see that there is something going on so I am just hoping that it isn't something to life altering. In May we go to Primary Children's to meet with a Neuromuscluar Doctor. I keep hoping that one day Ethan will wake up and his little legs will work differently. I love running so much and it makes me a little bit sad to think that he might not be able to run someday. Ethan is such a happy boy that if there is something wrong his little personality will be able to handle it.

I decided to make costumes for the kids for Halloween. Ethan and Max were monkeys! I thought they were so adorable!
Hailey and Brigham were werewolves. Hailey insisted on having her face painted black because otherwise people thought that she was a cat.
Spencer and Austin dressed as girls! It was fun to put a little makeup on my

We also had the usual chaos that seems to be at our house. Ethan fell off of a seat on the bus on the way home from school and cracked the back of his head and had to get 4 stitches, and Max had his elbow dislocated. Life is good for us and we are incredibly blessed!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hepworth Christmas letter

Dear Family and Friends,

Another year has flown by for us! Our lives seem to always be a little bit crazy, but we are truly blessed by our Father in Heaven, and we are so thankful for his hand in our lives. We hope that this letter finds you healthy and happy this Christmas season.

Tyler has had a miraculous recovery from his broken back! Other than being a little bit more worn out from working hard (I tell him that he is just becoming an old, we haven't noticed anything from his injury that hasn't healed. Tyler is still a hobby programer and is always studying something on his computer. He is also really great at building things for the shop. This year we also built a new shop building. While building the shop, I saw Tyler standing on the backhoe scoop and adjusting the shop doors. As I looked at him way up high, I felt so thankful that he is still with me on this earth and that he is able to do all of the things that he used to do.

I have been busy this year. I had our 6th baby Max on February 18th. My goal was to not have a epidural and I was able to go without one :) It was my easiest delivery and he has been my easiest baby! I was able to run for my whole pregnancy and so I only had to take a week off after I had the baby. I think Heavenly Father knew that the rest of the kids add so much chaos to my life that I needed a sweet baby to end things out. This year I wanted to take the year off from volunteering at the school, but they needed a room mom for Hailey's class and so I said I would do it. I also did the decorations for the school carnival and had a lot of fun. I am still t, j I 0ikhe secretary in Relief Society in our ward and I have grown to really love the ladies in our .ward.

Spencer is in the 7th grade and is 12 years old now. When Max was a week old he had to have his appendix removed (I think I needed a little extra stress with a new baby). He has been keeping me busy driving around this year. He has been playing junior high football, wrestling, and is planning to start basketball. I keep trying to get him to do cross country, but it is at the same time as football and he really loves football. This is going to be his last year of taking piano lessons. I keep trying to convince him to keep taking but he won't listen to me (someday he will know that I was right though). He is now a Deacon and passes the sacrament at church! He has grown up into a really nice young man.

Austin is in the 5th grade and will be 11 the day after Christmas. He has really mellowed out quite a bit with the debating, but I'm still holding out that he will be a lawyer. Austin loves to help take care of baby Max, and is a great help to me. Austin is really talented at playing the piano and I love trying to make him play for me. He also has started taking art classes and is very artistically talented. I told him he has to make me pictures that I can frame and hang around my house.0

Hailey is in the 3rd grade and is 8 years old. She loves to take ballet and performed in Hansel and Gretel for the second year in a row. Ballet has been really good for her and she is becoming a lot more graceful. She also takes piano and is really talented, she wants to quit, but I won't let her. She likes to play the piano, but she doesn't like to practice what she is assigned to. Hailey is a great helper with baby Max. The crib is in her room right now and I love it. When Max wakes up at night she brings him to me!

Ethan is in kindergarten and is 6 years old. He is a witty, charming little boy. He loves to make little notes to give his kindergarten teacher. Ethan is very active and has had to have stitches twice this year! On Mothers Day we had to go to the ER because his stitches became infected. He was really tough and had to have a shot in his hip. He didn't even cry! He is also great at entertaining Max, and Max loves the attention. He and Brigham are great frienemies, one minute they are playing so cute together and the next they are beating each other up.

Brigham is 3 years old and almost as big as Ethan. He is now the most stubborn child that I've ever had. I think that he and Austin will open a law firm together someday! Brigham is also very active and broke his arm on my birthday this year. This is the second summer in a row that he has broken his arm. This year he waited until after I bought the pool pass. Brigham has a really cute way of wording things and I love to hear his little voice. Yesterday for family night we made gingerbread houses and after he finished his house he said “I done with mine house, now I decorate mine self.” Then he took his knife and spread a glob of frosting onto his stomach and put an M & M on He is such a funny little boy.

Max is almost 10 months old. He is the most content and sweet snuggling baby that I have ever had. I really think that Heavenly Father knew that was all that I could handle. When we had our family picture taken all of the kids fought over who would get to hold him for the picture. If you see Hailey's face on the card you can see that she isn't smiling. She was mad that it wasn't her holding Max. We did do individual shots of each kid holding Max. It seems like Max isn't close to walking yet, and I am so thankful for that! When Spencer was a baby he started walking at 8 ½ months. It seems like when they start walking they find all sorts of new things to get into.

We always seem to have a bit of chaos every day, but our lives are so blessed! We are so thankful for Jesus Christ our Savior and all that he has done for us. We hope you know that you are in our thoughts throughout the year.


The Hepworths