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A few weeks in the life of us!

Last week I noticed that our cat was going to have kittens soon. She looked so big. Every day I would go out to the shop to check on her. I told Hailey that our cat was going to have kittens and she paused for a moment and said "I didn't know cats could get married." LOL...yes she know how babies are made but I told her it is best to wait until you are married. She is such a sweet innocent little girl. I love her so much. Our cat finally had her kittens yesterday. It was kind of exciting. Austin was the most fascinated. He stood out there and watched just after the last one was born.

Tyler noticed when the cat was having kittens because they went to get the service truck out of the shop and the cat was having her kittens on the He moved her to a box with some clean rags. She really is a good mama cat. She seems to like all of the attention and petting that she is getting. She also didn't seem to mind when I held her kittens. Another thing …

Beautiful Hailey

Yesterday was Hailey's birthday. My little girl is growing up. She told me she will always be my little girl though. I am so glad that she is a part of our family. I couldn't have asked for a nicer little girl :)

It was a busy day. I ended up buying a small cake for her because I am making brownies for her birthday party which we are having today.

Spencer is a really nice brother. He went down to his room when he got home from school and got $10 and gave it to Hailey for her Birthday. He is always so thoughtful about giving gifts. This week has been a rough one for me and a few times I've cried because of Austin. Spencer is so sweet and helpful to me and he is so protective when Austin makes me feel bad. I am so thankful for him.

Yesterday evening it was the Scout's Blue and Gold banquet. I had to make rolls and cookies for the dinner. It was an interesting evening. They had this plastic post filled with candy and miscellaneous items and had everyone guess how…