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A little over a week ago we went to the Heber Valley Camp and stayed in some cabins with my family.I had been hoping to leave around 2 on Friday afternoonbut we didn't get to leave until around 5. We planned to buy dinner and eat it on the way down. Tyler was having a cheap moment so we went to Mcdonalds and ordered off of the dollar menu. I hate Mcdonalds and wasn't very excited to be eating there. Well I ate about 1/2 my hamburger and gave the other half to Tyler. IT was so gross and had way too much mustard on it. Tyler complained to me that his food wasn't satisfying either. The drive took a long time and it was almost 9 at night by the time we got to Heber city. Tyler was so hungry that we decided to look for a Little Caesars Pizza. There wasn't one so we pulled into Arbys to order. Right when we pulled up to where you order Hailey puked. So I told them never mind and went to the gas station across the street from Arbys to clean Hailey up. When I got all of the pu…
Here are updated pics of our house. They are done with the brick. Sometime this week the stucco will be put on too! I can't wait for the inside to get finished too.

This is the front now.

This is the back. Sorry it is so dark I waited too long to take the pic and the sun is almost setting.
Here is a pic of Spencer and Austin getting ready to ride the bus for their first day of school. I didn't get to take them for their first day because I had to meet with a specialist since I have been getting so many kidney and UTI infections. Hopefully we will know why soon.

Here us a pic of my beautiful Hailey. I can't believe she is in Kindergarten. It seems like she was just born.
Here is the front of our house last week. We got new windows and the front door is gone. The wall isn't knocked out between the addition and the old house so the kids have to use the back door.

Here is a pic of the back. I forgot to take a pic of the french doors on the back of the house. Maybe next pic I will :)

So much has been done on the inside. We now have central air and a new furnace and all of the wiring is done. I can't wait for sheetrock.