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Backbreaking Miracles

On Thursday September 30th in the afternoon Tyler went to check the water on the field. Two pivots had gotten stuck together (pivots are giant sprinklers that go in a circle around the fields they are 15-20 feet tall). Tyler climbed up on the end of one pivot and had his dad go and move the other one. He didn't realize that there was tension on the one he was on, so when his dad moved the pivot the one he was on snapped like a rubber band and flipped him off. He fell 15 feet and landed on his back. He was in a tremendous amount of pain. Tyler's dad was on the phone with Tyler when it happened. When Tyler fell he tried to call him back to see if everything was okay. When Tyler didn't answer the phone he knew something was wrong. His dad came and found him. He asked Tyler what he wanted to do and Tyler said "Help me up on my 4 wheeler so I can drive myself home." It took Tyler a long time to drive himself home because he could feel every bump on the gravel road. Ty…