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A Year of Tender Mercies

Last year on the 30th of September Tyler was flipped off of a pivot and broke his back and pelvis. Over the past year I have been able been able to reflect on the the tender mercies of the lord and of miracles that happen in our lives. I look back and feel so amazed at the blessings in our life. I am so thankful for Tyler and the wonderful father and husband he is. I am so thankful that he is still here and able to help me to teach and care for our children.

When baby Max was a week old Spencer had appendicitis. I felt inspired that Tyler needed to take him to the emergency room. I told Tyler “I think that Spencer needs his appendix out, you should take him to the emergency room.” They arrived to the emergency room around 5 and by 7 they had Spencer back in the operating room. They actually made it home by 11:30 that night. I am so thankful for the inspiration that I receive from the Lord it helps me to be able to take care of my family!

The whole time that Tyler was in the h…

A time of Firsts

At the end of August the kids started school. It was kind of a bittersweet moment for me. Spencer started 7th grade. The 7th grade is in a junior and senior high school. It is kind of scary to send my boy to a school with high school kids.

He also went to his first school dance. I didn't want him to go very bad, and I tried to convince him that girls were stupid, but he didn't believe me. I also tried to make a curfew super early so he'd only go to part of the dance but his dad told me that I need to lighten I wouldn't really make him come home early but I might be up for volunteering to help with the next junior high dance :D He danced 10 times with different girls. I actually like that he didn't stick with just one girl. I don't want him to have a girlfriend until he comes home from his mission.

Here is Austin with his teacher Mrs. Hawkes. She is a really nice teacher and I hope Austin remembers to behave in her class.

Here is Hailey with …

The end of August...Goodbye summer

School starts on Monday and it feels like it was just let out. During the second full week of August it is fair week. This year Spencer and Austin did sugarbeets again. We had quite a time picking out the best beets to enter in for the display. All of the kids had to get in on the action.

After we took the beets home that they had selected they both accidentally broke the tap root off of their beets and we had to make a quick run to the beet field by our house to pick a few more. Spencer received a blue ribbon on his beets and his beet book and Austin received a red ribbon on his beets and a blue on his record book. Poor Austin broke the tap root on one of his beets when he was carrying them to turn them in. They have been working hard in the field and I am proud of them. They are learning to work together as a team.

While the kids were in the field picking their sugar beets we noticed a lot of smoke not very far away from where we were. When we finished I took the kids to se…

A watch battery and a lego!

A watch battery and a Lego are what I found in Max's poopy diaper the other day! I knew that Brigham had fed him the lego because he had choked on it and Hailey tried to get it out of his mouth, unsucessfuly. I have caught Brigham trying to feed Max things a few times. I'm glad that sweet Max is okay though. He has been such a sweet easy going little guy. He is also not that big, which is weird to me since I usually have big

It has taken me awhile to prepare mentally to write about the next thing. Spencer's friend Dean broke his arm at our house a few weeks ago. They went for a ride in the mule (an ATV not an animal). Spencer got out of the mule to show Dean some of the sugar beets and he was teasing him that he was going to leave him. Well he was sitting in the passenger seat and he stepped on the gas and grabbed the steering wheel. He crashed the mule into a pole and somehow the way his arm was caught in the steering wheel broke it. It was so bad it was …

July in a nutshell

A couple of Sundays ago, I was so proud of myself I had the kids all ready to go to church and it wasn't even noon yet and church starts at one. As I began to prepare a dinner in the crock pot I noticed that it was rather quiet in the house. I looked around and asked "where is Brigham?" I was informed that he and Ethan went outside. I went to find them so that hopefully their church clothes didn't get dirty. Ethan came in the house and Brigham followed behind. Brigham looked up at me with one of his sweet smiles and said "I run through the sprinklers!" he was completely soaked. I frantically peeled off his soaking wet church clothes and threw them into the dryer on high. They were dry just in time put them on as we left :)

We had our Marchant family reunion at the beginning of July. It was fun and interesting. We went to a place called Crystal Hot Springs. It was kind of a run down place and our camp site was right next to a pond. When we first …

Birthday's, Broken Arms & Windows and Parasites

On June 23 my Spencer turned 12! He is turning into such a nice young man. I love him so much. He is my best helper around the house. On his birthday he had a party and invited a few friends over. He wanted a sleepover but the next day was a scout backpacking hike and they had to be the the church at 6AM so I told him no to a sleepover. When he was gone I really missed him. On Sunday Spencer received the Priesthood. Next Sunday he will be passing the Sacrament. He is so grown up now.
We let him light his own candles. He put all 12 together to make a big flame.

On Spencer's birthday Ethan went outside and drank some water leaking from a cement pipe by our house. He came into the house and told me how good the water tasted. I asked him what water he was drinking and he told me. I told him not to drink the water because it was canal water and he could get a parasite. I should add here that he is paranoid about getting a parasite from watching Monsters Inside me from the An…

4 wheeler accident

The month since school has been out has flown by! My house has been a lot cleaner since my have been home to clean it. I have been going through a lot more laundry though. The kids go outside and play in water and then think it is time to come in and get fresh clothes on. I made a new rule that unless I approve they can't change their clothes.

A couple of days ago Spencer and Austin came home from riding their 4 wheeler's. I saw them pull into the yard and wondered why Austin was using his 4 wheeler to push Spencer's. As they came into the house Austin came into the kitchen and warned me that Spencer had an accident on his 4 wheeler. When Spencer came into the kitchen I could see that he had a bloody nose and scraped up his face. He also hurt his neck and shoulder. I decided that I should probably take him to the Emergency room to be checked out. After about 4 hours of waiting they said one spot on his neck looked questionable but it probably wasn'…

Baptism, Blessings and more from our crazy life!

On April 9th Hailey was baptized. Just before the baptism Ethan decided to cut his own hair so I had to shave his head about 20 minutes before it was time to leave. He hated that I shaved his head and thought it looked ugly. For a month now he has worn a stocking hat to church because he didn't like his hair and didn't want anyone to see it! Finally last week I made him take his hat off.

For the Baptism Ethan kept his coat over his

Baby Max has been so sweet. His blessing day went great. It was kind of amusing to me to be having Hailey confirmed and Max blessed at church on the same day.

We still always have some kind of chaos at our house...A week ago Friday Ethan fell off of the mule roof and cut his hand. I was so happy that I made it to the doctors office instead of having to go to the emergency room. On Mothers Day Sunday I noticed that Ethan's hand was quite swollen and looked like it was either broken or infected. Not wanting to take him to the emerg…

The Tazmanian Devil aka Brig and Sweet baby Max

Yesterday was a rough day for Brigham. He is a sweet boy and a lot of fun, but he has reached a challenging and stubborn phase that is really difficult for me. So yesterday all within an hour Brig squeezed Dawn dish soap all over the carpet. My sweet Spencer was so nice to help me clean up the kitchen where soap had spilled. While I was shampooing the carpet he went into the storage room and knocked a jar of pickled beets off the storage room shelf. While I was carpet shampooing the pickled beets up he peed on the floor. Then he decided to help himself to the bottle of benadryl. Fortunately Spencer busted him and stopped him before he drank too much. I did have to call poison control though. They told me it would either make him sleepy or wired. I told them I'd pray for sleepy. It did end up making him sleep...lucky me. Today hasn't been as bad but he did get into the shampoo and he rubbed it all over Tyler's massage chair. He also tried to flush Ethan's sh…

Appendicitis, Birthdays, and kindness from a stranger

On the 26th of February Spencer woke up with a lot of stomach pain. I figured he probably had the flu. He puked a couple of times and I had to leave to go help clean the church. I gave him some Tylenol and hoped that he would feel better when I got home. As it got later in the day his pain got worse and I became concerned about him. I had the thought pop into my head that he needed his appendix out. I told Tyler and he said that he would take him to the emergency room. At this point our baby was only a week old and I didn't want to expose him to a germ infested emergency room. Spencer was in so much pain I put his socks and shoes on for him and Tyler carried him out to the car. They got to the ER a little after 5pm and they saw that it was appendicitis and had him back for surgery by 7:15. I know that the lord blessed me to know what was wrong with Spencer. I am so thankful that I told Tyler to take him in. His appendix was close to rupturing and he had fluid in his pe…

The Birth of Baby Max

On Thursday the 17th in the evening I began bleeding. I figured it wasn't a big deal and that I would probably start labor that night. On Friday morning I was still bleeding with no labor so Tyler called our doctor. He said to be at his office and 9AM. He checked me and said that he didn't know for sure where the bleeding was coming from but since I was over 39 weeks it would be best to induce. He sent me right over to the hospital. I sent Tyler home to get my bag and the camera. I got checked in about 9:30 and they had the IV in and the pitocin started by 10. I was anxious for Tyler to get back. I was also feeling nervous because I planned to go without an epidural. The nurse checked me shortly after starting the pitocin and I was a 5. I was glad because I only had 5 to go. Every 30 minutes the nurse would turn the pitocin up. The contractions were painful but I felt like I could manage them. With each contraction I would take a deep breath in making sure that m…