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Goodbye to Summer

I know summer ended a few weeks ago, but it was the most fun I've ever had during the summer. I really enjoyed the kids the whole time. In July we went to Yellowstone with my family. The kids were so good and we had a lot of fun hiking around and seeing all of the wild life. Then we went Downata Hot Springs with Tyler's family. I felt so proud of our kids, even Ethan was brave and went down the water slides. In August we had the Fair. Spencer won first place in Under Construction for the pillow case that he sewed and Austin won 3rd place for his. I didn't think my wheat bread or cinnamon rolls won, but I received a check in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I won 3rd place for both of them. I wish I'd gone and collected my ribbon. We also went to Lake Powell in August and the beginning of September. The kids were lucky they got to miss the second week of school. In September we went with Tyler's moms for the weekend and went to a place called Cowabunga…

First day of school and Lake Powell

Well I missed posting the kids first day of school so I'll do it now :)
School Started on August 24. Here is Hailey with her teacher Mrs. Lloyd.

Here is Austin with his teacher Mrs. Ashton.

I didn't make it to Spencer's class fast enough to get one before class started so I took one from the door way. Here is his teacher Mrs. Hawks

Our kids missed the second week of school for a vacation to Lake Powell with our friends the Gillettes. The one thing I worried about on the trip was that I didn't want any of my kids to drowned. I made them all wear their life jackets 24/7 except Spencer who passed a swimming test. We all slept on the top deck of the house boat. I worried a lot about Brig climbing out of his play pen in the night so we turned it upside down to make a It worked pretty well until he woke up in the night and bawled.

Here is a pic of all of the kids sleeping. I thought they all looked so cute.

All of the adults slept around the kids to keep them sa…