Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It seems as though most of my boys have some kind of fascination with fire. I am a city girl and although I know how to start a camp fire I wouldn't consider myself any kind of pro at it. When we first moved to Idaho we would burn our trash. In my entire life the closest thing to burning trash that I have ever done was throw my paper plates in the camp fire, and maybe an occasional plastic fork. Tyler told me that to get the garbage really burning you need to put a bit of gasoline onto it. He did caution me to put the gasoline on before I start the fire. Well our trash was pilling up and I decided to take the initiative to get it burning. I poured a little bit of gasoline on and started it. The trash wasn't burning as well as I thought it should so I decided to pour just a little bit more on. The flames were small so I didn't think anything would happen. Also, I should mention that I was pregnant with Ethan at this time and had Spencer, Austin, and Hailey standing there watching me. I attempted to pour just a bit more on but as soon as I had tipped the gas can and began to pour I hear a huge woooshing type noise. I look down and notice that the gas container is on fire. I sort of freak out and throw the container. It lands a short distance away in the potato field, the dirt was soft from being plowed recently and the soft dirt landing put the fire out. After this incident Tyler decided we should find a garbage service. When Tyler and I moved into Student Housing at the University of Utah we had stacked some food and boxes on the stove. Spencer wasn't quite 2 at the time and he turned the knobs on the front of the stove and we soon started smelling smoke. We discovered a box of ramen noodles on fire. In this same apartment I was pregnant with our third child and taking a nap on the couch. I awoke to the smell of smoke. Tyler was supposed to be watching Spencer but I guess he was a bit distracted by his computer. Spencer was trying to cook himself a cup of noodles but forgot to put water in. This fire was bad enough that we lost our microwave. A few years ago Tyler and I were Mythbusters junkies. We would watch every episode and love it. In one of their episodes they put some Methane in a bucket of soapy water, the bubbles then climb quite high and they take a small torch and the bubbles go up in flames. Here is a small clip of the episode A few days after we watched this episode I go out to the shop behind our house to tell Tyler that his lunch was ready and I see him with a large soda mug filled with soapy water and the acetyline tank making a huge tower of bubbles to light on fire. It also made a woosh similar to the one on mythbusters. He had to expirement a few more times before he would come in for A year ago there was a huge fire in the mountains not far from here. It was caused by lightening. Some of the people in our community had ranches and homes that were threatened. Tyler, the kids, and I all had to go right up to the very front line to check it out. When I got out of our car near the fire and could smell the rubber on my shoe melting from the spot I was standing on being so hot I decided perhaps we were a little bit too close. When Brigham was preschool aged I had him screened for speech at the district. They asked him "Brigham, if you saw that there was a fire inside your house, what would you do?" I listened intently wondering what he would say. He said "I would find more stuff to throw on the fire." This response concerned me a bit since I didn't really want our house to burn down. Good news though, Max started a dish towl on fire a few months back and Brigham came and got me to put it out. Another funny question they asked him was what you would do if a stranger tried to get you to go with them. He said "I would shoot them with my bazooka." LOL...don't worry we don't own any bazooka's. At the end of each school year we let our kids have a small bonfire and burn all of their school papers. I can always tell when they get to close because they will singe something. I think this last year Austin burned his eyebrows and eyelashes. He also started the gas can on fire. Yes, I tried to warn him, but sometimes they just have to find out for themselves. Here are a couple of pictures from the 2012 fire the first one is from our house. fire 2012 photo Aug2012020_zps0c4758c7.jpg  photo Aug2012014.jpg

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lessons from my little E

Over the past year as I watch my little Ethan struggle with his health issues I have had so many experiences that have changed my perspective on life forever. One of the funnest vacations that we took our kids on was a cruise. While we were on the cruise I was getting so impatient and frustrated because Ethan just could not keep up. I couldn't understand why he couldn't alternate his feet on the stairs. I was so impatient, I wouldn't let him wear flip flops because it was almost impossible for him to keep them on his feet and walk. In July we went to Yellowstone with Grandma Dalton and cousins. I knew that I had a stress fracture in my foot before we left but figured that since I wasn't running my foot would be fine. I could hardly walk, my foot was so painful. I had to use both feet on the steps and I couldn't keep up with the rest of the group. I would pack ice onto my foot while I drove to help with the pain and swelling. When we got back from the trip the doctor ended up having to put a hard cast on (it also turned out that my foot was fractured all the way on the 3rd metatarsal). I felt a lot of sorrow for my impatience in dealing with Ethan as he tried to keep up with me. My sweet Ethan would slow down while we were at Yellowstone just to be by my side. I love my little sunshine boy and all that he teaches me! A few years ago I ran a half marathon in Burley. I had been training for awhile and felt like I had my speed down pretty well. My mom was also coming to run the race. When the race started I felt great, I had a good pace and thought I might have a really good time at the end. As my Mom has gotten older she has gotten a bit slower in running. I have taken pride in being able to beat her in races. Well, about half way through the race I started to have some pain in the right side of my knee. It didn't seem to matter what I did, it really hurt. I could walk and it felt okay but running on the curve of the road really made my knee hurt. Because I began to run slower my mom caught up to me. I told her that she should keep running and go on without me, but she refused. She stayed with me the whole rest of the race and encouraged me to keep going. My mom is such a great example to me and I am so thankful for her. It is really hard for me to get Ethan on the bus. He is so tired in the mornings that I usually end up getting him dressed and handing him a muffin or something that he can eat on the bus. This morning was no exception, however he and Spencer missed the bus. I told them that I would drive them to a bus stop to catch the bus. When the bus came Spencer hopped out and was on the bus before my little Ethan was even out of the car. Ethan walked his little slow walk across the road to get on the bus. As I watched him walk and looked at the bus driver, something told me "He doesn't see him." I rolled my window down, and the bus started to pull forward. I saw the bus touch Ethan and I started screaming for the bus driver to stop. Fortunately for me he saw me panic and stopped the bus. He opened his window and told me thank you. He didn't see Ethan at all. He was watching for a dog that likes to chase the bus. He and I exchanged a moment of relief and then we went on with our days. That moment, changed me. I know that it is by the tender mercies of the Lord that my little Ethan was spared. I am so thankful for him. This past week I have been quite sick. I have had a terrible chest cold and it seems like all I do when I lay down to rest is cough. By the time evening rolls around my voice is hoarse and I feel pretty crappy. The other night my sweet little Ethan could hear in my voice that I was sick and he asked me "mom are you sick?" I said "Yes, I am." He asked me if I was sick all day and I said yes. With tears in his little eyes he told me how sorry he was that I was sick and didn't get to rest. I really know that he understands. There are times that he is so tired of walking that he crawls. When we stayed with my sister Leslie over spring break his legs were hurting him so much that he couldn't stand to go up and down the stairs. I would help him climb on my back and piggy back him up the stairs. There are so many sweet things I love about my little Ethan. I know he was meant to be a part of my family.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Crazy Hair

I think most children cut their own hair at least once in their lives....Austin also gave himself an eyelash trim! Yes, he did cut his eyelid a little bit and, No, I didn't know about it until I noticed that he had short stumpy eyelashes. Oh, and when I asked him why he said "I get tired of people telling me I have girl eyelashes." I love his long dark eyelashes and I don't think they look girly. On the day of Hailey's Baptism the family on my side drove up from Utah. I gave my Brother Ben a Haircut and my mom a trim. While I was doing this Ethan kept insisting that he needed a turn. It was about 15 minutes before we needed to leave when I discovered that Ethan had cut his own hair. It was bad enough that I had to use the #1 attachment on his whole head. He looked quite bald. He took one look in the mirror and declared "I Look UGLY!" By the time we left for Hailey's baptism he'd dug a ski cap out of the snow clothes and he wore it to the baptism. He refused to take that hat off for anything, We couldn't even bribe him to take it off. For the next 6 weeks he wouldn't even hardly leave the house without it. Even just going to Walmart meant that he had to wear the He also wore the same ski cap to church for the next 6 weeks. I had trimmed around the edges and made it look more polished but he just hated his hair short. Here is a picture from Hailey's baptism. Someone tried to take away the ski cap for the picture but my sly little Ethan was still able to cover his hair :D  photo 9dd3bcda-f59f-4532-b0d9-0d6af7adb5ee_zps8bfbfe50.jpg This wasn't the last time Ethan cut his hair. After one of his surgeries this year after we arrived home he trimmed his bangs. I am sure they must have been bugging I didn't get mad since anesthesia does weird things sometimes. Another funny hair story involves Austin and Duct Tape. A couple of years ago one of our neighbors gave us some of their old Christmas decorations. Included with these decorations was a box filled with Christmas lights. Spencer and Austin decided that it would be quite festive if the duct taped the lights to the walls around their rooms. That night as I tucked them in I could see that the tape was coming loose in some spots. I also mentioned that having the lights on all night might get annoying to them. Fast Forward to the next morning, I go down to wake Spencer and Austin up for school and I see no lights up in Austin's room and I look down and see chunks of hair and duct tape scattered across the floor. I saunter over to Austin still in bed to survey the damage. It was completely down to the scalp in some areas. I asked him what happened and he said "I woke up in the middle of the night and a huge piece of duct tape was stuck in my hair and I couldn't get it out so I went and got the kitchen scissors and cut it out. I asked him why he wouldn't just ask me for help and he didn't have an answer, but I know when you are half asleep your mind isn't really clear. Lucky for Austin I Worked at Kids Cuts for 7 years so I whipped out my clippers and gave him a fast haircut and he was still able to shower and make it on the bus. I didn't shave him bald since it wasn't a clear minded hair cut.  photo oct-jan2012144.jpg My kids are so fun and I love each one of them and they funny little quirks that they each have.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A small slice of my crazy life...

So much time has gone by since I last posted. I'm trying to think if I missed any major events....Life has been good for us, we always just have some good crazy here. A couple of months back I received a Text from the Mother of one of my kids friends. The text went something like this....(I am not going to use his real name to protect the innocent:)) My son Caleb said that he ate a ghost pepper that he got from one of your kids. I was just wondering if that really happened. So I talked to all of my kids and asked them if they by any chance gave this boy a ghost pepper while he was visiting for a play date. The all said no, but then an incident that happened in October came fresh to my memory. First I need to give you a little history on why we would have ghost peppers to begin with..... My son Spencer went through a phase towards the end of summer where he just had to take video's of himself eating spicy things and posting them on his facebook. For at least a month he kept begging me to buy him some, but I just said "No Way!" Finally he got smart and decided to ask his dad to order him some off of Amazon. Well finally the dreaded day came that his ghost peppers came in the mail. He was so excited to eat he must be a little crazy (and I think it comes from his dad). Well in case you really want to see it I am going to try and post it here: Well sometime in October Austin decided that it would be a brilliant idea to take some of the seeds from the ghost peppers to school to "Share" with his friends. Once I got wind of his idea, I told him "NO WAY, I FORBID YOU to take them to school." Well, in case you weren't aware of this, Austin doesn't like to listen to me. He sneaked the seeds to school. The next morning I get a call from our bus driver, she told me that she had to write Austin up because a first grader was given a ghost pepper seed on the bus. When I spoke with Austin about the incident he said that all of the kids had gathered around this little boy and chanted for him to eat it and he gave into the pressure and did. I was so angry with him that he disobeyed me and that he gave it to a FIRST grader. The worst part for this poor little first grader is that at least if you are at school or home you can get something to eat or drink to take away the burn but on the bus you are trapped. From what I understand he rubbed his eyes and face and it all felt like it was on fire. It would be one thing for him to give it to someone who could punch him in the face later, but in my world giving it to a first grader is just plain mean. After I finished talking to the bus driver, I got on my phone and called this little boys mother to apologize, and I asked her if there was anything that she would like for Austin to do as a service to her boy. She said that all she wanted was to talk to him. I told her that it was fine with me, and if she wanted to yell or scare him to go ahead. After I got off of the phone with her my phone rang and it was the principal. She was kicking Austin off of the bus for the rest of the week and he was suspended for the rest of the day. SO lucky me I got to make one of my many trips up to Oakley to pick up my naughty boy. On my way to pick him up I called the first graders mom to ask if she would like me to bring him to her house on my way home. She said, "Actually I just got done talking to him. You should be so proud. When I talked to him, he looked me in the eyes and owned up to everything he did." I was glad for that but still mad that he had disobeyed me. After I picked him up we put him to work :) So as I remembered this episode I asked if he gave Caleb a seed and he said "Yep." So lucky for me I had to text this boy's mother back and tell her that yes, one of my naughty children did give her son a ghost pepper seed." I also told her sorry and that in general children are supervised at my house. Now, in case you are wondering, after the video Spencer heads outside and pukes on the lawn. Lucky for me it was outside. Maybe another day I'll share one of my many puke stories...don't worry they are funny once the memory of the misery of cleaning them up fades :D