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Road Block

A few weeks ago I was just getting ready to paint and our power went out. It was the middle of the day, it had been raining, and it wasn't very light in the house. At first I didn't want to paint in the dark, but as my eye got accustom to the dark I decided I could do it. A few hours went by and I needed to leave to pick my kids up from the bus stop (it is 3 miles from my home). One side of the garage was open so I decided to take our big van so that I didn't have to try and open the other side. As I drove up the road, I could see some police lights at the intersection were I needed to turn. I could see that there were some power lines down. I decided that rather than turning around to go around the block I would just turn and take a shortcut through the field that was near the intersection. As I was traveling part way through the muddy field I see the Sheriff roll down his window and motion for me to do the same. He told me the field was private property and I c…