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The end of August...Goodbye summer

School starts on Monday and it feels like it was just let out. During the second full week of August it is fair week. This year Spencer and Austin did sugarbeets again. We had quite a time picking out the best beets to enter in for the display. All of the kids had to get in on the action.

After we took the beets home that they had selected they both accidentally broke the tap root off of their beets and we had to make a quick run to the beet field by our house to pick a few more. Spencer received a blue ribbon on his beets and his beet book and Austin received a red ribbon on his beets and a blue on his record book. Poor Austin broke the tap root on one of his beets when he was carrying them to turn them in. They have been working hard in the field and I am proud of them. They are learning to work together as a team.

While the kids were in the field picking their sugar beets we noticed a lot of smoke not very far away from where we were. When we finished I took the kids to se…

A watch battery and a lego!

A watch battery and a Lego are what I found in Max's poopy diaper the other day! I knew that Brigham had fed him the lego because he had choked on it and Hailey tried to get it out of his mouth, unsucessfuly. I have caught Brigham trying to feed Max things a few times. I'm glad that sweet Max is okay though. He has been such a sweet easy going little guy. He is also not that big, which is weird to me since I usually have big

It has taken me awhile to prepare mentally to write about the next thing. Spencer's friend Dean broke his arm at our house a few weeks ago. They went for a ride in the mule (an ATV not an animal). Spencer got out of the mule to show Dean some of the sugar beets and he was teasing him that he was going to leave him. Well he was sitting in the passenger seat and he stepped on the gas and grabbed the steering wheel. He crashed the mule into a pole and somehow the way his arm was caught in the steering wheel broke it. It was so bad it was …

July in a nutshell

A couple of Sundays ago, I was so proud of myself I had the kids all ready to go to church and it wasn't even noon yet and church starts at one. As I began to prepare a dinner in the crock pot I noticed that it was rather quiet in the house. I looked around and asked "where is Brigham?" I was informed that he and Ethan went outside. I went to find them so that hopefully their church clothes didn't get dirty. Ethan came in the house and Brigham followed behind. Brigham looked up at me with one of his sweet smiles and said "I run through the sprinklers!" he was completely soaked. I frantically peeled off his soaking wet church clothes and threw them into the dryer on high. They were dry just in time put them on as we left :)

We had our Marchant family reunion at the beginning of July. It was fun and interesting. We went to a place called Crystal Hot Springs. It was kind of a run down place and our camp site was right next to a pond. When we first …