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Baptism, Blessings and more from our crazy life!

On April 9th Hailey was baptized. Just before the baptism Ethan decided to cut his own hair so I had to shave his head about 20 minutes before it was time to leave. He hated that I shaved his head and thought it looked ugly. For a month now he has worn a stocking hat to church because he didn't like his hair and didn't want anyone to see it! Finally last week I made him take his hat off.

For the Baptism Ethan kept his coat over his

Baby Max has been so sweet. His blessing day went great. It was kind of amusing to me to be having Hailey confirmed and Max blessed at church on the same day.

We still always have some kind of chaos at our house...A week ago Friday Ethan fell off of the mule roof and cut his hand. I was so happy that I made it to the doctors office instead of having to go to the emergency room. On Mothers Day Sunday I noticed that Ethan's hand was quite swollen and looked like it was either broken or infected. Not wanting to take him to the emerg…