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Final February

This month just flew by and I need to take the time to update it. At the Beginning of the month Tyler and I went to Florida for a week with his dad and Jodi. We had a lot of fun and it was a good break from the kids, but I really missed them and felt like a week away was a little bit too long.

Here is a picture of me at Epcot. Since we bought a new digital camera to replace our other one Tyler has turned into someone who takes "artistic" photos and it was like pulling teeth to get him to take one of me or one of us

We went on an air boat ride one day. Here is a picture of one of the air boats. The guy that drove ours chain smoked for our entire 1 1/2 hour ride. Unfortunately I sat right behind him breathing it all in. I didn't think it would be possible to drive an air boat and smoke at the same time, but this guy figured it out.

We had to wear those headphones because it was really loud. We actually got to see alligators in the wild. Our boat guide …

Sweet Spencer

There is a girl in the 6th grade that Spencer has had a crush on for awhile. He is in the 5th grade. A few weeks ago he found out what her favorite candy was and bought it and a giant chocolate kiss with his allowance. He is planning to sneak in her class room during recess and put it on her desk. He is the kind of boy I always dreamed about when I was a little girl. I always wished a secret admirer would leave me something. I hope if the little girl finds out she is nice to him.

Tyler the Great

This past week we have been on a vacation to Florida, without kids :). We stayed in a Sheraton Resort. It was decorated really beautiful. Tyler's Dad and Jodi took the Master bedroom and we got the other room. It was a nice room with 2 full size beds. We decided to sleep separately because we like to stretch out. One of the first days we were there I looked into the bedroom we slept in while we were eating breakfast and smugly remarked that I had gotten my bed made and Tyler hadn't. He didn't seem annoyed, and said good job. Another morning I hadn't gotten my bed made and as I sat down to eat breakfast I looked into the bedroom and saw that my bed was made. Tyler had made my bed for me, and he didn't announce it or even say anything. He is such a sweet, and caring husband and I'm so glad to have him as mine!