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Skipping school

Today we skipped 1/2 the day of school so I could take the kids to Shoshone falls. Right now the falls are really full and I knew it would be awesome for them to see! It was so neat. You could see a rainbow in the air from all of the humidity coming off of the falls. It was definitely worth skipping school for. I really enjoyed the morning with the kids.

Once there was a snowman

Last week it snowed. All winter long Hailey and Ethan had been asking me to build a snowman with them. We tried once before but the snow was too dry. This time I could tell it was a good heavy wet snow so we went out. It was so easy to build and the kids thought it was great fun! It snowed again the next day and Tyler took them out and built another one :D I didn't get a pic of it though. It is funny how fast the weather changes it is a beautiful spring day today.

I've needed up update for quite some time. At the end of February I let Hailey get her ears pierced. She has been asking for awhile. I was going to make her wait until she turns 8, but I figured she wasn't going to change her mind so I took her. She was so brave, I was surprised. She didn't even cry!

On March 4th Hailey turned 6! I can't believe how fast time has gone by. It seems like yesterday I just took my little girl home from the hospital. I sure love my beautiful little girl.

I actually bought Hailey's cake from Stokes. I am not usually a fan of store bought cakes but it was the best store bought cake I've ever eaten. I loved it so much that I enjoyed a piece for my breakfast the next day as well.

For spring break we went to Utah for 5 days. It was so fun to just relax and visit my family. My friend Stacy came to UT also and we went to The Joseph Smith movie with her and also to a U of U Gymnastics meet. My mom took a day off from work and we t…