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When we got up on Christmas morning someone left a note and a dollar in my stocking. the note said "Dear Jenny, I hope you have the best of Christmases." I know my sweet Spencer got up and made me this card. He also made one for Tyler.

Austin was also really cute. He made me a prayer rock and wrote a song complete with sheet music. It was 4 notes and it was called Pray any time. I love my sweet kids.

Hailey was really cute because she was so excited about everything. Her voice was so loud and excited. She was excited for everyone. She is so fun.

Ethan was a crab apple on Christmas morning. He wouldn't get up when the rest of the kids did, so I went down to wake him up. He didn't want to get up. I asked him if he wanted to come and see what Santa brought him and he said "no I don't, I'm tired and I'm not getting up." I told him that was fine but we were going to open presents without him (I thought for sure this would get him up). He d…

Mount St. Hepworth

Between the snow and the wind blowing we have quite a mountain out there. Here is a pic of the mountain

Is anyone up for a visit?

Luckily we made it to Utah for a short trip and made it back we had major snow when we left and it just got worse yesterday.
Christmas 1997

Tyler and I have our first Christmas together. My first Christmas where I didn't get to see my family. We went up to Idaho because Tyler's Dad was going to be alone. We ended up picking up Tyler's dads on-line friend from Maine at the Salt Lake Airport. She brought some live lobsters to cook up. I didn't watch. Tyler gave me a pair of Doc Martin shoes. The most expensive shoes that I have ever owned.
Christmas 1998Our first Christmas in a house that we bought together, out in Magna. I found a Christmas tree a few days before Christmas at a tree lot that was just giving the left overs away. I was expecting Spencer at this time. I couldn't stand the smell of chocolate, and no way would I even consider eating
Christmas 1999Our first Christmas with Spencer. We were really poor since I quit my job when Spencer was a few months old. I remember all I bought for Spencer was a squeak toy from big lots for Christmas. Tyler gave me a Kitchen …