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Belly pic and some updates :)

Time seems to pass by so quickly. My goal is to write in my journal every week but right now it seems like once a month.

In the middle of October Spencer and Austin finished playing football for the year. Spencer grew to really love football and Austin not so much. Spencer's team came in first place and Austin's came in third.

I wasn't able to go to Austin's last game since Tyler had just recently come home from the hospital.

Ethan turned 5 on the 13th of October. He asks all of the time when he gets to go to kindergarten. I have to keep telling him that it will be awhile still. He is such a cute fun little boy. I love having him as part of our family!

My sister Leslie was so kind and came up and helped me with the kids during the school carnival that we have. I don't know how I could have managed all of the kids without her. She also brought haunted houses for the kids to decorate. They love doing this every year with her. She makes a lot neater houses than …

Finding Nobility in Motherhood and Joy in Womanhood

Last Sunday the RS Presidency had to speak in church. I was hoping that it wouldn't include me since I'm just the secretary but it was including me. The topic I chose to speak on was Finding Nobility in Motherhood and Joy in Womanhood from the Relief Society Declaration. My BIL Shawn and my SIL Lindsey came to our sacrament meeting and I was glad because I need help with the kids (Tyler hasn't made it back to sacrament meeting yet, but he will since he gets to speak on the 14th). Before Sacrament meeting started I saw Spencer hanging out with one of his friends in the foyer. I told him he needed to come and sit down with the rest of the kids. For one thing I could have used his help since I was sitting on the stand. For another thing I told him he couldn't sit by this friend anymore during sacrament meeting because he isn't reverent when they sit together.

As the meeting started I looked all around the chapel for my oldest son and I couldn't see him anywh…