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A Year of Tender Mercies

Last year on the 30th of September Tyler was flipped off of a pivot and broke his back and pelvis. Over the past year I have been able been able to reflect on the the tender mercies of the lord and of miracles that happen in our lives. I look back and feel so amazed at the blessings in our life. I am so thankful for Tyler and the wonderful father and husband he is. I am so thankful that he is still here and able to help me to teach and care for our children.

When baby Max was a week old Spencer had appendicitis. I felt inspired that Tyler needed to take him to the emergency room. I told Tyler “I think that Spencer needs his appendix out, you should take him to the emergency room.” They arrived to the emergency room around 5 and by 7 they had Spencer back in the operating room. They actually made it home by 11:30 that night. I am so thankful for the inspiration that I receive from the Lord it helps me to be able to take care of my family!

The whole time that Tyler was in the h…

A time of Firsts

At the end of August the kids started school. It was kind of a bittersweet moment for me. Spencer started 7th grade. The 7th grade is in a junior and senior high school. It is kind of scary to send my boy to a school with high school kids.

He also went to his first school dance. I didn't want him to go very bad, and I tried to convince him that girls were stupid, but he didn't believe me. I also tried to make a curfew super early so he'd only go to part of the dance but his dad told me that I need to lighten I wouldn't really make him come home early but I might be up for volunteering to help with the next junior high dance :D He danced 10 times with different girls. I actually like that he didn't stick with just one girl. I don't want him to have a girlfriend until he comes home from his mission.

Here is Austin with his teacher Mrs. Hawkes. She is a really nice teacher and I hope Austin remembers to behave in her class.

Here is Hailey with …