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Parenting and Puzzles

A couple of weeks ago as I was tucking Ethan and Brigham into bed Ethan felt his blankets and said "My blankets have pee on them." I said it is probably just water because I just washed your blankets, and he said "no, it is pee I can tell." So I asked Brigham "Did you pee on Ethan's bed?" He said "Yeah I did, because I don't want him to sleep in mine room." I stood there for a moment feeling quite angry and trying to decide what the best course of action would be. I thought that spanking and time out weren't the best option and since I already had Ethan's blankets to wash what is one more batch. I said "Ethan, hop up on Brighams bed and pee on it." He gave me a look like I was crazy and said "what?" I said "you heard me, hop up there and pee on Brigham's bed." He said "Okay" hopped up and peed on it. Brigham cried his eyes out and screamed his head off. If we had neighbors t…