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The Birth of Baby Max

On Thursday the 17th in the evening I began bleeding. I figured it wasn't a big deal and that I would probably start labor that night. On Friday morning I was still bleeding with no labor so Tyler called our doctor. He said to be at his office and 9AM. He checked me and said that he didn't know for sure where the bleeding was coming from but since I was over 39 weeks it would be best to induce. He sent me right over to the hospital. I sent Tyler home to get my bag and the camera. I got checked in about 9:30 and they had the IV in and the pitocin started by 10. I was anxious for Tyler to get back. I was also feeling nervous because I planned to go without an epidural. The nurse checked me shortly after starting the pitocin and I was a 5. I was glad because I only had 5 to go. Every 30 minutes the nurse would turn the pitocin up. The contractions were painful but I felt like I could manage them. With each contraction I would take a deep breath in making sure that m…