One Crazy Life

So much has happened in our lives since the last time I blogged, I hope that I can remember it all! In May we put our trampoline into the ground thinking it would be safer that way. The problem with having it in the ground is that Max was able to just walk right on to it. I warned all of the kids that they needed to be careful and not jump when he was on the trampoline. Well one Sunday evening Hailey took Max outside and while they were playing she decided that she could give Max just a little bounce. He cried and she brought him to me. I knew his leg was broken. He wouldn't stand or crawl he would just sit next to me and cry. The emergency room in Burley is useless when you go there with a broken bone so I just waited to take him to the orthopedic doctor on Monday. At the doctors office the next day the X-Ray tec said that sometimes they can't see the break for a couple of weeks but they took X-rays anyway and you could see immediately that both bones in his leg were broken just below his knee. She couldn't tell me his bones were broken but she did say "I think you'll be glad that you brought him in." They were broken near the growth plate and we have to go back in to make sure that his leg is growing right next month. Max was also mauled a bit by our St. Bernard dog named Fluffy. I was so worried that his arm was broken, but fortunately for us he was okay. Just a few weeks ago Austin was carrying Max on his shoulders and he fell off and landed on the kitchen floor which is linoleum on top of cement. Max was knocked out and when I went into the kitchen to see if he was okay his little eyes had rolled back into his head and I thought that he was dying in my arms. I drove him to the emergency room because we live far enough away from town that it would take a lot longer to call for an ambulance and wait then just run him in. Shortly after I arrived at the emergency room Max perked up and acted just fine. I am so thankful for my sweet little Max. He is such a fun little guy to be around. Max has started to become a daddy's boy. He cries when Tyler leaves and doesn't take him. Photobucket Brigham has become a really fun little boy to be around! He still has his stubborn streak but he is also quite lovable. He loves books all day long he follows me around asking me to read to him! One of his most Favorite things to do is play computer. I now tell him that if he wants to play computer he has to go to his primary class on Sunday. Brigham is very tender and kind to Max. A couple of days ago a package came in the mail for him and Max was jealous and he shared his hot wheels car with Max. Brigham is probably the biggest Mama's boy that I've had. He loves to be with me. Ethan has had more than his share of health problems this year. The muscle biopsy that he had done in April came back normal....which is good and bad. Good that the muscle that he has is normal and bad because I just don't know what is wrong. In June he had an EMG done. This is kind of like shocking your nerves to see which ones are misfiring. There were some irregular patterns but nothing that could be pinpointed yet. We could test him for SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) but genetic testing is expensive and as far as I know not covered much by insurance. The Neurologist has applied for a grant to cover broad spectrum genetic testing and if the funding is approved then Ethan will be a candidate for it. In August Ethan kept complaining about a pain in his abdomen. I felt concerned that he may have appendicitis. I also noticed that he had a hernia in his abdomen when I was looking at his stomach. I made an appointment with our local general surgeon to fix the hernia. The local surgeon call me and said that he doesn't usually operate on children as young as Ethan and recommended that we go to a pediatric surgeon. I made an appointment for Primary Childrens Medical Center since we were already going down for the neurologist. On September 10th Ethan had an inguinal hernia fixed on the right side of his abdomen. About a week later I noticed that the testicle on that side is now missing. We had to take him back to the doctor and he said that he will have to have surgery in about 2 months to put the testicle back...if the blood supply to the testicle hasn't been compromised. In about 1% of hernia repair surgeries the testicle gets caught in scar tissue as the incision heals. We think this is what happened to Ethan. I feel so bad for my little boy. The older he gets the more obvious it becomes that his body doesn't work like the rest of us. Most of the time I feel at peace with things, but I do have my moments when I cry. I have a lot more to update about our crazy life but it will have to wait until later :)


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