Trouble Briggy

Brig is such an active and adventurous boy! He is getting to where he thinks he is big already. A few weeks ago he burned his arm on our friends wood stove. It looked bad to, but it wasn't as bad as Hailey's fingers when she got them caught in my treadmill. It doesn't look great though. Yesterday as he was trying to climb onto the table the chair he was on tipped over and he face planted on the floor. My poor Brig! I knew it looked bad because blood was dripping on the floor before I picked him up. He split his lip on the inside and had a bloody nose. Poor little guy. I wish I could prevent him from climbing. I had all of the chairs pushed in so that he couldn't get on the table but that was the reason the chair tipped over. This is definitely not my favorite age.
Here is a pic of my little Brig so proud of himself!


Heather said…
Once they learn to climb it is all over!!:) He looks cute though:)
Anonymous said…
what a little stinker! I am definitely dreading the climbing stages with Rowan. And the crawling for that matter. Then I have to vaccuum more often, LOL. He is SO cute though!
Are you sure that's your toddler on the table, not mine?
Looks like the "look-alike" baby of yours is just as much trouble as mine.......maybe 2 months behind getting into things though.

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