Our new girl

My wife is going to follow up with some pictures, but I wanted to write about the newest member of our family. We found a beautiful long haired German Shepard in Utah. Her name is Lia. She loves it at our house and has quickly attached herself to me.

I am currently working in the shop on our farm equipment. I use a lot of tools that make loud noises. Jasper hated this and would not come in the shop with me, but Lia loves it. She spends all day at my side - never any farther than five feet away. Wherever I am, she wants to be. It is nice to have a new companion that loves to be around. I keep a toy handy that I can throw for her to chase and play with.

When we got her, she had a bad sinus infection. Her breathing was a harsh snort and I felt worried about her for the first couple of days, but she has always had plenty of energy and now appears to be starting to feel better. I have kept her on some medication to help clear it up. She still snorts but it doesn't sound as harsh as it did. Maybe one more trip to the vet with another course of meds and she will be all better.

She had a beautifully groomed coat when she came here, but it isn't quite so nice now. She is a beautiful dog, but she loves to play in the mud - and there is plenty of it here. I will wash and groom her again when the weather is nicer and the mud drys up.

Lia is going to be a strictly outside dog here, but I was worried about her coat not being thick enough for the cold nights. I left the garage door open so that she could come and go as she pleased, but she only spent one night in the garage and now won't go near it. Crazy dog! Her spot is on the front porch. Whenever I am in the house or not around, she goes and sits at the front door. She spends the night there and that is where I can find her in the morning when I am ready to go to work and want her to come with me.

She loves the kids and gives them a good mauling every morning while they are waiting to get on the school bus. She scratched Austin above the eye while playing with him, but it wasn't intentional. Now that she has had a few days to adjust and settle down, the jumping isn't as bad as it was the first day she came. She is going to be a great pet, companion, and family member.



The Hoggan's said…
Sounds like a winner! I'm ecxited to see pictures!
I'm so glad you found such a wonderful dog! I'm excited to see pictures too.
Anonymous said…
Oooh, I love German Shepards! I can't wait to see some pics!!
Tennille said…
What a fun new adventure!!!

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