Skipping school

Today we skipped 1/2 the day of school so I could take the kids to Shoshone falls. Right now the falls are really full and I knew it would be awesome for them to see! It was so neat. You could see a rainbow in the air from all of the humidity coming off of the falls. It was definitely worth skipping school for. I really enjoyed the morning with the kids.


Heather said…
Those pictures are beautiful with the rainbow in it!!!!
Anonymous said…
Yay for a hooky day! That is really beautiful, I love the pics with the rainbow!

This is the recipe I use for the beans...except I do a 2 lb bag and soak them overnight first, then throw them in the crockpot, cover with water, double the onions/garlic/spices (I don't double the salt though). It makes a TON so I feeze them in meal size portions for later.
Awesome! I want to go now!
The Hoggan's said…
That is the most beautiful place I have ever seen! Maybe next summer right after I graduate, Glenn and I could come up for a weekend and see the farm and this waterfall!
Debbie D said…
So glad you made a memory. Beautiful place.

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