Goodbye to Summer

I know summer ended a few weeks ago, but it was the most fun I've ever had during the summer. I really enjoyed the kids the whole time. In July we went to Yellowstone with my family. The kids were so good and we had a lot of fun hiking around and seeing all of the wild life. Then we went Downata Hot Springs with Tyler's family. I felt so proud of our kids, even Ethan was brave and went down the water slides. In August we had the Fair. Spencer won first place in Under Construction for the pillow case that he sewed and Austin won 3rd place for his. I didn't think my wheat bread or cinnamon rolls won, but I received a check in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I won 3rd place for both of them. I wish I'd gone and collected my ribbon. We also went to Lake Powell in August and the beginning of September. The kids were lucky they got to miss the second week of school. In September we went with Tyler's moms for the weekend and went to a place called Cowabunga bay. Grandma Dalton was so nice to the kids, it was a great time. It has been so fun spending time with the kids and I really wasn't ready for school to start and it has been going for over a month now.

Spencer is really growing up. He is so helpful to me, I consider him my right hand man. He helps me cook dinner and even makes brownies all by himself. He also plays the piano really well. I can tell he is growing up though because he can be a little bit moody. He still loves books and reads almost every night in bed.

Austin is starting to calm down. He still has his "special" moments but he is a nice kid for the most part. Tyler and I have been reading a book on how to parent a child with ADHD and it has really helped me know how to handle Austin a little differently. Austin really is a nice kid and can be so sweet. On Saturday I sent he and Spencer to work in the beet field for part of the day. When they came home for lunch he gave me a hug and was really nice.

Hailey is such a fun little girl. I think I've come to terms with the fact that she'll be my only girl. I'm so grateful that I have her. The other day I was driving home and she said "couldn't you try just one more time for a girl?" and I said for her to ask dad, and she said "should I ask him to have sex with you?" LOL I have given her the talk because she asked me about sex. I explained that sex isn't something you talk about. Hailey does have some characteristics of ADHD, and so I'm watching her to see how school goes this year. Hailey can't ever sit still. Even when we watch TV. I don't like to sit by her because she will be so wiggly that she will kick me in the face or poke my eye or do something to injure me. I'm hoping this is just something she will grow out of but we will see.

Ethan is my most charming little boy. He is so fun and I love having him around. Everywhere we go he tells people about Lake Powell and Cowabunga bay. It is funny when he talks about it because he always says "Yesterday we went to Lake Powell" or "Yesterday we went to Cowabunga bay." It is going to be his birthday in a couple of weeks and I asked him what he wants for his birthday and he says a combine. I asked him if he wants anything else and he just says no, I want a combine. There is a toy combine at the John Deere store that he really wants. I guess that is what I'll get him. He also started going to preschool one day a week. He thinks it is so great. I miss him while he is there. It is so quiet when it is just Brig and I.

Brig has been such a fun baby. I know he is more like a little boy now. He is wearing 2T clothes. He is starting to talk more, but when I ask him questions and the answer is yes he just nods his head.....LOL It is really adorable to see. When I think of him being my last baby I feel mixed emotions. I feel relief because kids are a lot of work, but I also feel a little sad because I love babies. Not sad enough to have another though.

I am the Room Mom this year for Hailey's class. Only a couple of other moms signed up to help me. At first I felt kind of annoyed that I didn't have more volunteers, but then I felt thankful that I am able to volunteer. I don't have to work like a lot of the other mothers in Hailey's class (although I'd like to go back to school when all of my kids are in school, and then have some kind of job). Life is good for me and I am so thankful for that.

I had this great idea of taking a picture of my kids heads in the sand like I did on the grass while we were at Lake Powell. Lets just say it didn't work out so well. Brig bawled the whole time.


Heather said…
Sounds like you had a really busy and fun summer!!! The kids grow up so fast it is nice to be able to have all of those fun memories!! I have heard Cowabunga bay is fun but my kids are scared to go down waterslides so we haven't tried it yet:)
Debbie D said…
Wow. You've had such a fun summer. It's probably not funny to you but what Hailey said CRACKS me up! Congratulations on being a prize-winning family. The fair sounds like a lot of fun. We haven't made it to the fair since 2002. I'll shoot for next year!
P.S. i LOVE the picture. Brig crying just makes it that much cuter :)
Juliann said…
Sounds like you guys had a great summer. I was dying over what Hailey said!! That is so classic!! You're such a great mom, Jenny. I admire you so much.

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