Final February

This month just flew by and I need to take the time to update it. At the Beginning of the month Tyler and I went to Florida for a week with his dad and Jodi. We had a lot of fun and it was a good break from the kids, but I really missed them and felt like a week away was a little bit too long.

Here is a picture of me at Epcot. Since we bought a new digital camera to replace our other one Tyler has turned into someone who takes "artistic" photos and it was like pulling teeth to get him to take one of me or one of us
We went on an air boat ride one day. Here is a picture of one of the air boats. The guy that drove ours chain smoked for our entire 1 1/2 hour ride. Unfortunately I sat right behind him breathing it all in. I didn't think it would be possible to drive an air boat and smoke at the same time, but this guy figured it out.
We had to wear those headphones because it was really loud. We actually got to see alligators in the wild. Our boat guide told us if it had been sunny we would have seen hundreds of them.
We also took a tour of the church farm. It is the largest for profit farm the church owns. It was an interesting tour. Here is a picture of an alligator that used to be a nuisance on the farm.
Here is a picture of me searching for shells on the beach. Last time we went to FL it was right after a hurricane and I found way more shells but I still had fun looking. And yes, it was cold I had my hoodie and my coat on while I was on the beach.

After we got home I had to scramble to help the kids get their valentines boxes ready and plan Hailey's class party since I am the room mom.
Tyler helped Spencer with his box.

I helped Austin with his.

It was a lot of fun. I had the most fun with Hailey's class party. We even broke open a pinata.

Last week on Thursday Tyler and Brig had their tonsils out. We knew they needed it. Brig had strep throat 8 times in one year. The ENT Doctor was amazed at how much scar tissue Brig's tonsils had. Tyler has needed his out for awhile too. It is harder on adults to recover and we put it off for awhile but finally it needed to be done. The doctor said he had pockets of puss on his tonsils when they removed them. Right now he is suffering but I know in the long run he will feel much better.

Hailey's birthday is on Thursday and she has been begging for weeks for me to let her have a party. I decided that she could. IF you have any ideas for princess crafts we could do let me know.

While I was waiting for Tyler and Brig's surgery to be done I read an Ensign article. It talked about not just enduring through your trials in life but being happy and enjoying life along the way. I have a new goal to try and be happy through my trials.


Go to Burger King and ask for their crowns that they have. They usually will give them to you for free. Then have the girls decorate them. That way you don't have to cut out a bunch of crowns. Hope everything is good with you guys.
Heather said…
That looks like a really fun trip to Florida!! I totally feel for Tyler and Brig!!!! It was not fun getting my tonsils out and it definitely was rough recovering being older but now that it is all over I am glad I did it. I have been less sick:) Good luck, I hope they feel better soon:)
Nicole Marsh said…
I know what you mean about a week being too long. It is funny how much you look forward to being away and then how much you miss them when you are gone. It looks like you had a fun time!
The Hoggan's said…
I feel the same way about trials. I need to focus on being happy through them too. Good point!
Sharon said…
That stinks that Florida wasn't warmer! Sounds like you have had an eventful month. Hope your family all gets feeling better!

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