Tyler the Great

This past week we have been on a vacation to Florida, without kids :). We stayed in a Sheraton Resort. It was decorated really beautiful. Tyler's Dad and Jodi took the Master bedroom and we got the other room. It was a nice room with 2 full size beds. We decided to sleep separately because we like to stretch out. One of the first days we were there I looked into the bedroom we slept in while we were eating breakfast and smugly remarked that I had gotten my bed made and Tyler hadn't. He didn't seem annoyed, and said good job. Another morning I hadn't gotten my bed made and as I sat down to eat breakfast I looked into the bedroom and saw that my bed was made. Tyler had made my bed for me, and he didn't announce it or even say anything. He is such a sweet, and caring husband and I'm so glad to have him as mine!


Heather said…
How fun to go on a vacation somewhere warm!! I am jealous:)
Nicole Marsh said…
That is so cute! I love that. Hope you had fun in Florida.

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