A few weeks in the life of us!

Last week I noticed that our cat was going to have kittens soon. She looked so big. Every day I would go out to the shop to check on her. I told Hailey that our cat was going to have kittens and she paused for a moment and said "I didn't know cats could get married." LOL...yes she know how babies are made but I told her it is best to wait until you are married. She is such a sweet innocent little girl. I love her so much. Our cat finally had her kittens yesterday. It was kind of exciting. Austin was the most fascinated. He stood out there and watched just after the last one was born.

Tyler noticed when the cat was having kittens because they went to get the service truck out of the shop and the cat was having her kittens on the seat...lol. He moved her to a box with some clean rags. She really is a good mama cat. She seems to like all of the attention and petting that she is getting. She also didn't seem to mind when I held her kittens. Another thing is that she is the best at catching mice. I hope all of those kittens will be too!

Yesterday we had a bridal shower for Jemma. I was busy cutting up fruit for the fruit platter and Austin came upstairs and mentioned to me that he cut his eyelashes because he was tired of them looking like a girls. Yes they are stubby and all one length now and it is picture day on Tuesday, but I guess it will make a good story someday for him to tell his kids.

We have been going to family counseling for a while now and I am starting to notice a difference. I have also been learning some. One thing that helps me a lot is reflecting back to the person what they just said (in my own words). I really think it was the right thing for us to go even though our issues aren't really major. I finally feel like I am not having a power struggle with Austin. This week we are supposed to notice the nice things that each one of us does for each other and report back. I am really trying hard to remember all of the nice things that each of my kids and Tyler do. I am so thankful for each one of them.


Aww. Our cat had kittens too!
6 of them! I'd LOVE to see pics sometime!
Family counseling? I am glad it is helping. Help is always nice.
hope everything else is going good for you!!!
Debbie D said…
So glad thing are looking up on the family front. Counseling is AWESOME. Kittens? Sounds like you'll be busy. Good to hear from ya :)
Kristen said…
Yeah, what's up with cats not getting married?

I totally forgot about school pictures! Whew, thanks for reminding me.

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