Goodbye to Dave and Welcome Summer

Yesterday as I was running on my treadmill I heard the phone ring. I don't usually get off to answer it but I was feeling kind of tired. I headed upstairs and Spencer handed me the phone. It was my mom, she sounded like she had a cold or something was wrong. I asked her if she had a cold and she said "no, I just called to let you know that Dave was found dead this morning." Dave was my sister Carrie's first husband, and the father of Heidi, Erin, Josh, and Emily(my nieces, and nephew). I feel so sad for them. I really think that Dave realized his life wasn't a happy one but didn't know how to change it and so he drank it away. I remember a lot of funny things about Dave when he and Carrie were first married. I didn't know Dave as an alcoholic so all I have are the memories of how he was. I pray for his family to find comfort and I'm glad that they have Aldo in their lives.

The last month of school just seemed to fly by! Spencer was given an award from the district for most improved handwriting. Along with the award is a $50 bond. Both Spencer and Austin made their AR goals and received the Presidential fitness award. The kids all did so well in school. I am so proud of them!

We are still waiting for Every day the kids ask to go to the pool or sleep on the trampoline. We have only been to the pool once. It is open, but I don't want to get into the pool when it is cold out. Last time we went I ended up having to jump in and help Brigham stand up and I still had my pants on.


Kristen said…
I'm so sorry about your brother-in-law. That's hard. I bet the kids are so so sad. Augh.

We haven't been swimming yet. We have an 80-degree rule. But they start swimming lessons on Monday so we may have to bend the rule! Maybe we'll get a heatwave?

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