The Tazmanian Devil aka Brig and Sweet baby Max

Yesterday was a rough day for Brigham. He is a sweet boy and a lot of fun, but he has reached a challenging and stubborn phase that is really difficult for me. So yesterday all within an hour Brig squeezed Dawn dish soap all over the carpet. My sweet Spencer was so nice to help me clean up the kitchen where soap had spilled. While I was shampooing the carpet he went into the storage room and knocked a jar of pickled beets off the storage room shelf. While I was carpet shampooing the pickled beets up he peed on the floor. Then he decided to help himself to the bottle of benadryl. Fortunately Spencer busted him and stopped him before he drank too much. I did have to call poison control though. They told me it would either make him sleepy or wired. I told them I'd pray for sleepy. It did end up making him sleep...lucky me. Today hasn't been as bad but he did get into the shampoo and he rubbed it all over Tyler's massage chair. He also tried to flush Ethan's shirt down the toilet.

Brigham talks a lot now. Something that he tells me every day is "I hate you." Usually after I have disciplined him. I always just say "I know." In a calm voice so he knows that I don't care :) The rest of the day he tells me "like you." He is so funny. He calls our house "yours house." Referring to it as mine. When he has a toy car he will say things like "Here is mine toy car." When he asks to sit on my bed he will say "can I sit on yours bed." This morning he said "like you mommy Jenny." Yesterday I was explaining to the other kids that my name is Jenny but to show respect they call me Mom. I guess he remembered my name.

Baby Max is so cute. He will be six weeks old tomorrow. He has started smiling. Something that he has done that is really adorable is laughing in his sleep (none of my other kids have done this). I haven't gotten him to laugh while he is awake but something in his sleep makes him laugh. The other night when I was at our Relief Society Birthday dinner one of the other ladies was holding him and he was sleeping and laughing. All of the ladies sitting at the table I was at saw and thought it was cute.

For spring break we went and visited my parents. We stayed with my sister Leslie. My dad had his knee replaced about 2 days before I had Max, so my parents hadn't seen the baby before. Here is a pic of my mom with Max.
Here is a picture of my niece Rachel with Max. She seemed to really love him :)

While we were in Utah we had to stop at my favorite baker and get doughnuts. Leslie doesn't live to far away from the Dunford factory. My favorite are the chocolate cake doughnuts, unfortunately (or fortunately) my kids love the same ones so they don't last very long. I think if I lived closer to the Dunford factory I'd have to run 10 miles every day just so that I could eat all of those doughnuts and not get
My sister Becca took all of the pictures that I am posting today :)

Leslie planned a really fun Easter egg hunt while we were there. The kids had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed hanging out with my sisters and their families.
Austin and Caleb checking out the goodies.
My sweet Spencer
Ethan and Anna.

Around our house there is never a dull moment. At the beginning of this month Brigham cut the tip of his finger badly with a hand blender (there was nothing left to stitch so we cut off the chunks of dead skin and bandaged it up). On Tuesday Spencer asked Tyler to help him pull a tooth that was starting to be loose. Well it wasn't loose enough and when they went to pull it his gum ripped all the way down to his lip with the tooth still attached. It made Spencer's face sore and it was quite an ordeal to get the tooth out. I ended up taking him to the dentist on Wednesday and there is still a small piece of tooth left but when the next adult tooth comes in it will hopefully push out the left over piece.

When I came home from the hospital after I had Max, Ethan took one look at me and exclaimed "You are only a little bit fat now." LOL he definitely speaks the truth. I am so thankful for my good strong body and that I am able to run. Because I ran until 39 weeks of pregnancy I was able to run starting at 1 week postpartum. The nurse was amazed at my stomach in the hospital. You could literally see every limb and movement that the baby was making because of my stomach being such a round ball.

While we were on spring break my mom babysat the kids while I went to an eye appointment. When I came back I asked how the kids were. She said they were fine. Hailey then added "I only dropped the baby once, but Don't worry I was close to the ground." Good to know.

Life is good for us. I am so thankful that we have food and shelter. I feel so sorry for the people in Japan. I pray for them to be comforted at this time.


Christine said…
Some day when your kids are big you are gonna be awfully bored. You always have so much excitement going on!
Max is so cute! I'm glad you got to come visit.
On the rough days with Brig, remember that he'll grow out of it.
Heather said…
You have been busy!! We love those Dunford chocolate cake donuts too!! We can't go to that bakery very often because we always walk out with some of those:)
Kristen said…
You were awesome to stay in shape! I'm happy you're feeling good. Max is such a darling. He gets a lot of love at church, doesn't he? Well deserved of course. I'm sorry about your kid troubles. I finally started locking all of those things up. Jonathan is the only one who knows how to get into the food storage, the kitchen soaps, and the medicines! I'm a little on the paranoid side though. Nothing can really fix kids' adventurous side except growing up and we don't want them to do that TOO fast, right? =o) Hang in there, you're a great mom.
Juliann said…
You've always amazed me at how well you come through pregnancy, still being strong and healthy. Good for you, and I am so happy to hear that all is well for you gu ys!

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