Appendicitis, Birthdays, and kindness from a stranger

On the 26th of February Spencer woke up with a lot of stomach pain. I figured he probably had the flu. He puked a couple of times and I had to leave to go help clean the church. I gave him some Tylenol and hoped that he would feel better when I got home. As it got later in the day his pain got worse and I became concerned about him. I had the thought pop into my head that he needed his appendix out. I told Tyler and he said that he would take him to the emergency room. At this point our baby was only a week old and I didn't want to expose him to a germ infested emergency room. Spencer was in so much pain I put his socks and shoes on for him and Tyler carried him out to the car. They got to the ER a little after 5pm and they saw that it was appendicitis and had him back for surgery by 7:15. I know that the lord blessed me to know what was wrong with Spencer. I am so thankful that I told Tyler to take him in. His appendix was close to rupturing and he had fluid in his pelvis from it. A few years ago when he had a hernia I knew it too. I really believe that the lord inspires you to know the problems and needs of your children.

Austin has been treating a couple of kids at school unkind. It was really stressing me out. I try so hard to teach my kids to be kind to others. I tell them you need to treat others the way you want to be treated. Tyler and I talked and prayed about what we should do. I thought about taking him to a rest home to volunteer but with 6 kids my time is quite limited. I prayed that I would be able to find a good solution. A few days later as I was making my bed I thought of an older lady in our ward that needs help. I called and asked her daughter if my son could come over while Spencer has piano lessons. I explained that I am trying to teach him about having empathy for others and to be more service oriented. She said that I was an answer to her prayers because at the time that Austin will be with her mother she has scouts and isn't able to be there. Really this is an answer to my prayers though. This older lady is such a nice woman. When Austin goes over there he plays the piano for her and reads from a simplified Book of Mormon. It does really seemed to have helped his attitude.

I love this second picture of Hailey! I think it really shows her personality :)
On the 4th of March my beautiful Hailey turned 8 years old! I can't believe how grown up she is. I'm so glad that she is my daughter. For one of her birthday presents I ordered a doll off of Amazon, it still hasn't come yet. It estimated the delivery date as March 2nd. I told her if it didn't come on Saturday that I would take her to buy a toy at Walmart. Well, of course it didn't come on Saturday so I took her to town to pick a toy. On my way to town a tire pressure light came on. I realized that the front driver side tire was going flat. Of course it is late enough in the day that none of the tire stores are open. As I passed one I could see a guy inside so I thought I'd at least see if I could get some air. I asked the guy if he could give me some air and he said yes. When he came out to put air in my tire we could hear air leaking back out. He saw that there was a hole and was going to put a plug in it. He put the plug in, and it didn't look right. He said this tire is bad. He looked around to see if he had a used one that he could put on. He found one and put it on. I asked him how much I owed him and he said nothing. I tried to convince him to let me pay and he said no. I felt so thankful to him. He told me that if I wanted to repay him just remember his store when I need new tires. I really hope that when I need new tires I can get them there.

On Wednesday I took baby Max for his hearing retest. I had Brigham with me and they wouldn't let us even go into the maternity ward because right now a lot of people are coming down with the flu. A nurse met us at the doors and I had to just hand the baby over. She did open the nursery window so that we could see Max while he was being tested. He passed his hearing test. I am so thankful that he did.


Heather said…
We have been through the appendicitis stuff and it was so scary (Carlie was 4 when she had to have hers out)!! I am glad everything went well!! That is a great idea to have Austin help out that older lady (it sounds like it is helping both of you out):) I am so glad the baby passed his hearing test, that has to be a load off your shoulders to not have to worry about something being wrong!!
Heather said…
Happy Birthday to Hailey!! That is such a special one!! Carlie just turned 8 also:)
Kristen said…
You are amazing! I know you're just doing your best at trying to get by, but you really do it in an amazing way. You're such a good mom and example. I've thought about you a lot and haven't been able to help (sick kids etc) but I want to one of these days and I hope you will call me if you think of a way I can help. Really. I still haven't seen little Max. I'm happy he passed his test - that's stressful huh! Hang in there and know that all your friends are cheering you on! Love you. Great post!
Kristen said…
Oh and I'm glad you mentioned Hailey's birthday. Jonathan knew they talked about her birthday at school so he thought she was getting baptized last Saturday. He was worried when she wasn't there. =o) I guess next month will be the big day! Happy Birthday!

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