Birthday's, Broken Arms & Windows and Parasites

On June 23 my Spencer turned 12! He is turning into such a nice young man. I love him so much. He is my best helper around the house. On his birthday he had a party and invited a few friends over. He wanted a sleepover but the next day was a scout backpacking hike and they had to be the the church at 6AM so I told him no to a sleepover. When he was gone I really missed him. On Sunday Spencer received the Priesthood. Next Sunday he will be passing the Sacrament. He is so grown up now.
We let him light his own candles. He put all 12 together to make a big flame.

On Spencer's birthday Ethan went outside and drank some water leaking from a cement pipe by our house. He came into the house and told me how good the water tasted. I asked him what water he was drinking and he told me. I told him not to drink the water because it was canal water and he could get a parasite. I should add here that he is paranoid about getting a parasite from watching Monsters Inside me from the Animal planet. That night as we had family prayer and Ethan prayed that he wouldn't get a So far he hasn't but with the luck I've had lately I wouldn't be surprised if he did.

On the 28th it was my birthday. When you are the mom birthdays aren't that exciting, but my life is good. I have such sweet children and a great husband. For my Birthday Hailey gave me a necklace and earrings, Spencer gave me a couple of Hershey candy bars, Ethan gave me a koala bear and Austin played Count Your Many Blessings on the piano. During the day I made myself a cake and cupcakes for a girl in my ward who has the same birthday as I do. Tyler planned to take me to dinner that evening for my birthday. Spencer was going to babysit while we were at dinner. While I was getting myself ready to go Austin helped himself to a large piece of cake. I felt a bit annoyed because I had wanted to have the family together to sing to me :D and celebrate before we cut into the cake. Tyler and I had a nice dinner together and on our way home Spencer called to let me know that a water fight had taken place in the house. While I felt slightly annoyed I wasn't really mad because I remembered when I had a water fight in my parents house when I was a kid. I prepared myself for a water clean up when I got home. As I pulled into the driveway Ethan came over to the car and told me that he had gotten locked out of the house and had thrown a cement rock at my bedroom window to try and get in and had broken my window. At this point I felt so discouraged. I came into the house and Spencer had already gotten most of the water mess cleaned up. After I got the kids into bed for the night I sat on our bed to feed Max and have a good cry. As I sat there feeling sorry for myself and wondering where I went wrong I heard the ladder to the bunk bed tip over and Brigham start to cry. He came into my room and I could see that he hurt his arm. Tyler and I could tell immediately that it was broken. I put my clothes back on and took Max and Brigham to the Emergency Room. Earlier in the evening Brigham had gotten into a marker and colored all over himself and a bar stool. I was pretty mad about it and took the marker and broke it in half and threw it away. While we were at the ER each person that came into the room would ask him what happened to his arm and he would tell them. A little later while the doctor and nurse were in our room Brigham said "Mom broke my.....(insert long pause)............marker." It seemed like he was going to say We didn't get home until almost 2AM from the ER and they just splinted his arm and said call the orthopedic surgeon in the morning. It was 3 by the time I got to bed and then between Brigham and Max waking up I felt like I hadn't gotten any sleep. Brigham was really cute when he would wake up though. He kept saying "Like you Mom." He also asked for me to hold him. I ended up sleeping with Brigham on one side of me and Max on the other. Yesterday (the 29th) Brigham had his surgery about noon and we didn't get home until 7PM.

Here is a picture of my little pal after surgery. I love my little Brigham!

Life is good for me. I am so thankful for Tyler and my sweet children. They are all such a blessing to me.


Nicole Marsh said…
Wow what a birthday!! It sounds like you need a redo on that one. That is too bad that Brigham had to have surgery to fix his arm poor boy, and mom!
Ben Marchant said…
You are such a great Mom. We love you tons.
Juliann said…
Jenny!! Why do you have so many accidents at your house?! I would freak the freak out, since my kids (or me) have never had so much as a broken bone or even stitches!! :) You continue to amaze me. Glad to hear all is well with you.
Even though it was a crappy birthday, everyone still loves you. :) Especially Brigham, who says "like you mom".
Next year, come to Utah for your birthday. We'll try to make sure its a better birthday.
As least Brig didn't say you broke his arm.
Kristen said…
Wow you forgot to tell me a few of the events on your birthday! It will definitely be one to remember! You are a trooper. Happy Birthday! =o)

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