Crazy Hair

I think most children cut their own hair at least once in their lives....Austin also gave himself an eyelash trim! Yes, he did cut his eyelid a little bit and, No, I didn't know about it until I noticed that he had short stumpy eyelashes. Oh, and when I asked him why he said "I get tired of people telling me I have girl eyelashes." I love his long dark eyelashes and I don't think they look girly. On the day of Hailey's Baptism the family on my side drove up from Utah. I gave my Brother Ben a Haircut and my mom a trim. While I was doing this Ethan kept insisting that he needed a turn. It was about 15 minutes before we needed to leave when I discovered that Ethan had cut his own hair. It was bad enough that I had to use the #1 attachment on his whole head. He looked quite bald. He took one look in the mirror and declared "I Look UGLY!" By the time we left for Hailey's baptism he'd dug a ski cap out of the snow clothes and he wore it to the baptism. He refused to take that hat off for anything, We couldn't even bribe him to take it off. For the next 6 weeks he wouldn't even hardly leave the house without it. Even just going to Walmart meant that he had to wear the He also wore the same ski cap to church for the next 6 weeks. I had trimmed around the edges and made it look more polished but he just hated his hair short. Here is a picture from Hailey's baptism. Someone tried to take away the ski cap for the picture but my sly little Ethan was still able to cover his hair :D  photo 9dd3bcda-f59f-4532-b0d9-0d6af7adb5ee_zps8bfbfe50.jpg This wasn't the last time Ethan cut his hair. After one of his surgeries this year after we arrived home he trimmed his bangs. I am sure they must have been bugging I didn't get mad since anesthesia does weird things sometimes. Another funny hair story involves Austin and Duct Tape. A couple of years ago one of our neighbors gave us some of their old Christmas decorations. Included with these decorations was a box filled with Christmas lights. Spencer and Austin decided that it would be quite festive if the duct taped the lights to the walls around their rooms. That night as I tucked them in I could see that the tape was coming loose in some spots. I also mentioned that having the lights on all night might get annoying to them. Fast Forward to the next morning, I go down to wake Spencer and Austin up for school and I see no lights up in Austin's room and I look down and see chunks of hair and duct tape scattered across the floor. I saunter over to Austin still in bed to survey the damage. It was completely down to the scalp in some areas. I asked him what happened and he said "I woke up in the middle of the night and a huge piece of duct tape was stuck in my hair and I couldn't get it out so I went and got the kitchen scissors and cut it out. I asked him why he wouldn't just ask me for help and he didn't have an answer, but I know when you are half asleep your mind isn't really clear. Lucky for Austin I Worked at Kids Cuts for 7 years so I whipped out my clippers and gave him a fast haircut and he was still able to shower and make it on the bus. I didn't shave him bald since it wasn't a clear minded hair cut.  photo oct-jan2012144.jpg My kids are so fun and I love each one of them and they funny little quirks that they each have.


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