A small slice of my crazy life...

So much time has gone by since I last posted. I'm trying to think if I missed any major events....Life has been good for us, we always just have some good crazy here. A couple of months back I received a Text from the Mother of one of my kids friends. The text went something like this....(I am not going to use his real name to protect the innocent:)) My son Caleb said that he ate a ghost pepper that he got from one of your kids. I was just wondering if that really happened. So I talked to all of my kids and asked them if they by any chance gave this boy a ghost pepper while he was visiting for a play date. The all said no, but then an incident that happened in October came fresh to my memory. First I need to give you a little history on why we would have ghost peppers to begin with..... My son Spencer went through a phase towards the end of summer where he just had to take video's of himself eating spicy things and posting them on his facebook. For at least a month he kept begging me to buy him some, but I just said "No Way!" Finally he got smart and decided to ask his dad to order him some off of Amazon. Well finally the dreaded day came that his ghost peppers came in the mail. He was so excited to eat them....lol....Yes he must be a little crazy (and I think it comes from his dad). Well in case you really want to see it I am going to try and post it here: Well sometime in October Austin decided that it would be a brilliant idea to take some of the seeds from the ghost peppers to school to "Share" with his friends. Once I got wind of his idea, I told him "NO WAY, I FORBID YOU to take them to school." Well, in case you weren't aware of this, Austin doesn't like to listen to me. He sneaked the seeds to school. The next morning I get a call from our bus driver, she told me that she had to write Austin up because a first grader was given a ghost pepper seed on the bus. When I spoke with Austin about the incident he said that all of the kids had gathered around this little boy and chanted for him to eat it and he gave into the pressure and did. I was so angry with him that he disobeyed me and that he gave it to a FIRST grader. The worst part for this poor little first grader is that at least if you are at school or home you can get something to eat or drink to take away the burn but on the bus you are trapped. From what I understand he rubbed his eyes and face and it all felt like it was on fire. It would be one thing for him to give it to someone who could punch him in the face later, but in my world giving it to a first grader is just plain mean. After I finished talking to the bus driver, I got on my phone and called this little boys mother to apologize, and I asked her if there was anything that she would like for Austin to do as a service to her boy. She said that all she wanted was to talk to him. I told her that it was fine with me, and if she wanted to yell or scare him to go ahead. After I got off of the phone with her my phone rang and it was the principal. She was kicking Austin off of the bus for the rest of the week and he was suspended for the rest of the day. SO lucky me I got to make one of my many trips up to Oakley to pick up my naughty boy. On my way to pick him up I called the first graders mom to ask if she would like me to bring him to her house on my way home. She said, "Actually I just got done talking to him. You should be so proud. When I talked to him, he looked me in the eyes and owned up to everything he did." I was glad for that but still mad that he had disobeyed me. After I picked him up we put him to work :) So as I remembered this episode I asked if he gave Caleb a seed and he said "Yep." So lucky for me I had to text this boy's mother back and tell her that yes, one of my naughty children did give her son a ghost pepper seed." I also told her sorry and that in general children are supervised at my house. Now, in case you are wondering, after the video Spencer heads outside and pukes on the lawn. Lucky for me it was outside. Maybe another day I'll share one of my many puke stories...don't worry they are funny once the memory of the misery of cleaning them up fades :D


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