Potty Stories

When potty training little boys I find it easiest to teach them to pee sitting down. It works pretty well at home, but I think every single one of my boys has at one point forgotten to aim down. I can recall twice having my nylons being peed on in the church bathroom...lol Oh....the joys of motherhood! Last year we discovered that Ethan had an inguinal hernia. Because of his age and other health issues, I had to take him to see a pediatric general surgeon. We set up and appointment for Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake since the Neurologist that he sees is there as well. On the way down for the appointment I discovered that Ethan didn't have any shoes....he had left them home. I had all of the kids with me because Tyler was busy with farming. I decided that once we got to Ogden we would stop at Smith and Edwards and see what they had for shoes. We stopped and I bought him a pair of sandals that I thought would stay on his feet(They didn't of course). Shortly after that we were on the freeway and I was feelingf pushed to make it to our appointment on time. Brigham stands up from where he was sitting and taps me on the shoulder as I am driving(BTW, The Speed limit was 75 here and I usually set my cruise control for 80). He says "Mom, I need to go pee." I tell him "well you are just going to have to hold it." He tells me that there is no way that he will be able to hold it for that long. I dump out a water bottle and tell him, "here just pee in this." In my logical mind, you just aim down into the water bottle and problem is solved. I turn my head just in time to see that he doesn't have the water bottle positioned right and that it is going to spill all of the pee. I grab the bottle and tilt it down to where it is supposed to be, and of course, at that very same moment is when he was beginning to pee. Therefore, In the process pee begins to squirt like a fire hose all over the dash board, steering wheel, me, and my clothing (mostly my jeans). I told him to pinch it off and quickly pulled over so that he could finish outside of the car. While he finished, I wiped the dash board and steering wheel down with diaper wipes and blotted my jeans the best I could as I would not be able to change my clothes until we arrived at my parents home that evening. I called Primary's to let them know we would be late for our appointment and they were very kind to us and the doctor still saw us. I didn't get to change until that evening, and lucky for me I was also able to shower. I remember on of my sister's children being mortified at the fact that one of my boys was peeing outside near the sandbox at Grandma's house. I didn't really care, because I was glad that they didn't pee their pants. However, I did give them the talk about if you are near a bathroom you don't pee outside. When Spencer was a toddler he loved the fact that when we came to visit the farm he could pee outside. He started to take his freedom a little too liberally. On one Occasion when we went to the Hogle Zoo, near the entrance is a giant rotating water ball. I watch Spencer and the other children from the "village" (student housing at the U of U)play in the water and have fun trying to push it in different directions. All of the sudden Spencer whips his pants down and pees on the gaint ball. I was so mortified. I didn't stop him because I didn't know where the restrooms were, and I was grateful that he didn't pee his pants. I don't even know how many times he whizzed out on the playground at the village. I kind of got to the point that it wasn't that big of a deal to me. I'm sure plenty of the other playground moms didn't like me, but I didn't have the energy to worry about them. When Brigham was 3 we had a pool pass and would enjoy swimming at our local Oakley Swimming pool. When we pulled up the kids all jumped out ahead of me. I had made Brigham put his life jacket on before we left so I wasn't too worried about them running ahead of me. Since we had a pool pass for the summer I went to write or number down at the desk and just as I walked up the stairs to the pool I see Brigham standing at the edge of the pool, and an arch of pee landing right in the middle section of the pool. I wasn't really embarassed at what he was doing, I felt quite annoyed. I guess that is why they have chlorine for swimming pools. I gave him the pee lecture but In'm sure my sweet stubborn little boy didn't listen. Brigham still loves to pee outside and recently was in trouble for peeing outside while at recess. He is in Kindergarten. I hope by the time he is in junior high he'll get it. So far this is only a portion of our pee stories.....lol I hope you found a little amusment in my crazy life. I haven't even been able to cover the funny things that seem to happen to me. Another time I'll cover the poop stories and I'll be sure to include this gem from when Ethan was little: http://familyhepworth.blogspot.com/2009/01/unpleasant-story-with-tmi.html


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