A little over a week ago we went to the Heber Valley Camp and stayed in some cabins with my family.I had been hoping to leave around 2 on Friday afternoonbut we didn't get to leave until around 5. We planned to buy dinner and eat it on the way down. Tyler was having a cheap moment so we went to Mcdonalds and ordered off of the dollar menu. I hate Mcdonalds and wasn't very excited to be eating there. Well I ate about 1/2 my hamburger and gave the other half to Tyler. IT was so gross and had way too much mustard on it. Tyler complained to me that his food wasn't satisfying either. The drive took a long time and it was almost 9 at night by the time we got to Heber city. Tyler was so hungry that we decided to look for a Little Caesars Pizza. There wasn't one so we pulled into Arbys to order. Right when we pulled up to where you order Hailey puked. So I told them never mind and went to the gas station across the street from Arbys to clean Hailey up. When I got all of the puke cleaned up and we were ready to head to the cabins it was almost 9:30. It was quite dark when we finally made it to the Cabins. My sister Ang and all of her kids had already gone to bed. Everyone else was still up though. My sister Leslie Slept in the cabin that Tyler and I slept in and Put Brig in his snow suit. I took a picture of Brig when we got home because I thought he looked so cute.
I just remembered something funny that happened that I need to write before I forget.My brother smokes and so he would walk a little ways from the cabins so that he could smoke. Spencer saw him smoking and came and told me (I've never seen my brother smoke). He told me "I saw Ben smoking. I wanted to grab a rock and throw it at the cigarette." When I asked why he said "then it would knock the cigarette out of his mouth so he couldn't smoke it." It is so funny to me how simple kids minds are. That knocking the cigarette out would make it so that he couldn't smoke...lol. Here is a pic of Ben with Ethan. Ethan loves playing with Ben.
Sleeping in the cabins wasn't all that comfortable. Next time I'll bring a foam pad or something. The cabins have bunk beds but there are no mattresses so it is just a board to sleep on. My hips ached I would roll from one side to the other. Plus I had Ethan and Brig sleeping on my bunk with me. On Saturday there were different challenge courses that the kids and Tyler were signed up to do. The first one they have to climb a pole and walk across another pole to a zip line and then go down it. Spencer was the very first one to go on it. Spencer has no fear it was interesting watching him. I felt nervous and I was on the ground..lol. The Heber vally camp was so fun and nice to stay in. I hope we are able to go again sometime.

Here is a picture of Hailey

Tyler and Austin

Here is one of Spencer he always likes to pose funny now
Here is on of Ethan
heber E


Heather said…
I loooove your blog!!! I am so excited to get to look at it now! The pictures of your kids are so cute! I loved your music too! Feel free to copy anything you want from my blog. I for some reason am addicted to blogging but can't make myself addicted to any of these other sites everyone seems to love like Facebook. Everyone I know is starting to get into facebook. I think I am just going to stay a faithful blogger!:) I spend enough time just doing that:)

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