Christmas 1997

Tyler and I have our first Christmas together. My first Christmas where I didn't get to see my family. We went up to Idaho because Tyler's Dad was going to be alone. We ended up picking up Tyler's dads on-line friend from Maine at the Salt Lake Airport. She brought some live lobsters to cook up. I didn't watch. Tyler gave me a pair of Doc Martin shoes. The most expensive shoes that I have ever owned.

Christmas 1998

Our first Christmas in a house that we bought together, out in Magna. I found a Christmas tree a few days before Christmas at a tree lot that was just giving the left overs away. I was expecting Spencer at this time. I couldn't stand the smell of chocolate, and no way would I even consider eating

Christmas 1999

Our first Christmas with Spencer. We were really poor since I quit my job when Spencer was a few months old. I remember all I bought for Spencer was a squeak toy from big lots for Christmas. Tyler gave me a Kitchen Aid, which I love and still use to make cookies :) It was a big surprise since we didn't have money.

Christmas 2000

This was the day before Austin was born. We lived in the Apartment behind my mom and Dad's house. Tyler's truck payment was more than our rent. We were so poor that we decided not to give each other any gifts. We did get presents from our families though. I was incredibly grouchy because I didn't enjoy being so big and pregnant. Austin was a great late Christmas present though.

Christmas 2001

Our first Christmas at the University Village. I worked the week of thanksgiving so that I could buy some nice things for the kids. I went to the black Friday sale at Walmart and bought Spencer a Jeep. I bought Tyler a Digital Camera. I was so excited for him to get, but then he didn't want it and I cried (Tyler is like this with gifts, he is really hard to buy presents for). We ended up taking the Digital Camera back so that he could buy a palm.

Christmas 2002

I was pregnant with Hailey and Tyler just finished his Bachelors degree at the U. I don't remember anything super eventful about this Christmas, other than being so excited to finally have a little girl.

Christmas 2003

We lived in American Fork at this time. We decided to pack up all of our stuff and go to Montana to spend Christmas with Grandma Dalton. Grandma Jodi bought Hailey a really cute Christmas Dress I still remember what it looked like. The drive up to Montana was uneventful. We drove part way and stayed in a hotel. I remember this was the worst night of sleep that I have ever had. We didn't have a playpen for Hailey so I didn't have a way of keeping her in one spot and she didn't want to sleep by me on a bed.

Christmas 2004

We were living with Aunt Les. We sold our American Fork house after it had only been listed for a day and we weren't planning to move to Idaho until January so we moved in with Aunt Les. When we went to get our family picture done Spencer and Austin wanted Aunt Les to come with us and be in the picture too. It was really cute. Once again Tyler and I decided not to get each other gifts because money was tight. Tyler surprised me with a CD inside my stocking. I can't remember if I got him anything. It was fun to spend Christmas with Les. She is such a great Aunt to my kids. I look back on this Christmas with happiness and sadness because she was pregnant and giving the baby up for adoption. We loved all of the time we got to spend with Les.

Christmas 2005

Our first Christmas in Idaho. We ended up moving into the house where Shawn and Lindsey were living because the moved to warm Arizona. We moved one of the lamp tables in the living room to accommodate the tree. This was Ethan's first Christmas.

Christmas 2006

Our second Christmas in Idaho. We once again moved a lamp table to make enough space to put a tree up. We ended up buying a tree with the lights already on it from Ace. The tree was better than what we had, but still very cheap looking. Tyler surprised me with a lot of different things that I had been wanting. A new pair of Doc Martin's, a DDR dance pad, and a new black wool coat.

Christmas 2007

Our third Christmas in Idaho. I was pregnant with Brig and almost due. Tyler and I had a dispute about where to put the tree. He wanted me to put it in front of the front door with a note on the front door to use the back, I didn't want to so we moved a lamp table again. Tyler and I didn't get each other any gifts because we were saving money to pay for the baby. Tyler's dad and Jodi were giving us a cruise for Christmas but I had a surprise that we were expecting a baby at that time so we had to reschedule our cruise for another time.


Heather said…
That is great that you remember all those Christmases from the past!! I need to get a better memory:)
Davis Family 5 said…
What a fantastic idea! I will need to spend time dwelling on what I've actually been through in the past 11 years. Oh, I hope one day I'll be able to recollect it all!

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