The end of August...Goodbye summer

School starts on Monday and it feels like it was just let out. During the second full week of August it is fair week. This year Spencer and Austin did sugarbeets again. We had quite a time picking out the best beets to enter in for the display. All of the kids had to get in on the action.
After we took the beets home that they had selected they both accidentally broke the tap root off of their beets and we had to make a quick run to the beet field by our house to pick a few more. Spencer received a blue ribbon on his beets and his beet book and Austin received a red ribbon on his beets and a blue on his record book. Poor Austin broke the tap root on one of his beets when he was carrying them to turn them in. They have been working hard in the field and I am proud of them. They are learning to work together as a team.
While the kids were in the field picking their sugar beets we noticed a lot of smoke not very far away from where we were. When we finished I took the kids to see what was on fire. One of our neighbors grain fields was. I asked on of them what happened and they said they didn't know maybe a cigarette. It looked to me like they lost about 1/3 of their field.
This week Grandma Dalton came to visit. We had a fun time hanging out with her. She was a lot of help to me and Max loved all of the extra attention he got.
A week ago we had our family pictures done. I don't have them back yet but I found it amusing that all of the kids fought over who got to hold Max for the picture. Every single one of them had to have their picture taken with Max. I am sure he will grow up knowing how loved he is. I just took this picture of the kids and they fought over who got to lay by Poor baby.
I am so thankful for my children and for Tyler. Tyler's mom just emailed me the pictures that she took of him while he was in the hospital. They are difficult for me to look at, but I also know that it was a miracle that he is alive and not paralyzed. I am so thankful for him and the good husband that he is.

This last picture I climbed up on our antenna tower to take. It was very frustrating because Ethan and Brigham kept lifting their feet up. Finally I gave up. When I was looking over the picture I saw that Spencer had his shirt lifted up. I asked him "Why did you leave your shirt like that?" He said "I wanted my six pack abs to show up in the picture." LOL He is so funny, and such a nice kid.

This is my second time editing this post because I keep thinking of more things to add. Today we went to Downata Hot Springs. It was a lot of fun. Since Tyler's accident things have changed for him. He has no desire to go on any of the water slides. He doesn't even want to go snowboarding ever again. I tease him that he has turned into an old man. He was so much help to me today, I am so thankful for him. He held Max in the pool and played with him, Max giggled and laughed and had a good time. Max is so special to all of us. I am so thankful that we decided to have him.


Kristen said…
Great job on the sugarbeets! I know those record books can be killer.

I didn't hear about the wheat field on fire - yikes! And I can't wait to see your family pictures. So hard to believe it's time for school.
Nicole Marsh said…
That is so cute that they all love their brother so much! I can't wait to see the family pictures.

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