12 Years and more time to come....

Today is our 12th Anniversary! I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I feel so thankful for Tyler and the wonderful husband and father he is. A few days ago it was my birthday and he made me my favorite cake and gave me a really thoughtful gift. Over the years my love for him has deepened. I really know that Tyler was meant to be my husband.

On a funny note....I forget our anniversary..lol. It comes at a time when so many other things are always going on that I remember before and I remember after Tyler does but I just can't seem to keep the day in mind. For our present I am getting one of our pictures blown up poster size and framing it :D I can't wait for it to get done.

Here is a picture of us on our special day!


All for J's said…
Congrats on 12 yrs!! Happy Anniversary. Cute picture of you both
Anonymous said…
12 years!!! Congrats Jenny - that is truly awesome! Happy birthday too, and I can't believe you are going to tease us like that with your birthday gift!! :)
Heather said…
Congratulations!! The time just goes by so fast doesn't it! You both look just as young as you did 12 years ago!!:)
Debbie D said…
Happy anniversary. One dozen down, eternity to go. Congratulations. I love your wedding picture. You both look so happy. Have a great day you two.

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